Why do people like bashing Pennsylvania?

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The people of Pittsburgh have the “ugliest accent in America” – or at least that’s what one online survey found. BBC Pop Up’s Matt Danzico asks why people enjoy bashing Pennsylvania.
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  1. I'm pretty sure Southeastern PA has the absolute worse accent. My parents didn't have it because they are from Buffalo, but when I was little I had no idea about regional accents. My friends' parents smoked and mine didn't, so when I'd go to my friends' house and hear their parents talk I literally thought they talked that way cause they smoked. It sounds terrible, but that's what I thought.

  2. Scranton doesn't have a strong accent. People as far away as Marshall Michigan and Ithaca New York speak basically the same way.

  3. I like how Erie 814 doesnt even get mentioned ever we the most overlooked bashed city in Pa its like we aint even part of Pennsylvania at all those are facts

  4. Scranton has gotten a bad rap for years. My grandparents left for NYC in '34. They were educated, nurse & college prof. They went back every summer to see their families. I told some folks from out that way my dad was born in Scranton but never lived there. As soon as I said BUT, the cracked up. Always remember going to basketball camp in PA. It was like the land that time forgot.

  5. The reason everyone in PA hates pittsburgh and their accent is because when people point out how ugly their accent is they dont own it.
    In Philly, if you make fun of our accent, we’ll be like “I mean yeah. Yous just figurin that one out?”

  6. Pennsylvania is a big state with the Allegheny Mountains running through much of it. This made it difficult to travel across PA and caused a lot of isolation among different regions.
    I have read enough BS from complainers that PA sucks, or Western PA sucks, or Pittsburgh sucks, or we are all a bunch of racists.
    It all sounds like a bunch of Nick Johnson crap.
    PA local government is set up to be a bunch of little towns, few of which have a tax base to fully fund a school district, police department, fire department, parks, etc.
    PA is no more racist than anywhere else. This "Alabama" in between Philly and Pittsburgh was the ranting of a corrupt Clinton loving lunatic.
    Pittsburgh and the rest of Southwestern PA have two things much of this world lacks…abundant energy and abundant fresh water. So, there is that.

  7. Thing is…PA is big…sooooo Philly is different from NEPA is different from Harrisburg is different from Pittsburgh is different from Erie is different from Allentown….and having been to all and native to two…there is NO defining accent b/c they are all extremely different from one another

  8. Youse wanna get ridda PA? Fine. But youse also gettin ridda the whole country. Membeh the Consitution? Dec-a-laration? Youse racist White supremacists…
    As a Scrantinian miself, I is deeply o-fended. Go ba-yuck to youse crime-ri-in, protest destroyed ci-ies.

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