Who Are THE AMISH? (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

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One thing I love about the USA is the diversity. You can pretty much find people from all cultures, religions, traditions and walks of life inside of this country of 327 million people.

One of the most interesting groups of people that I’ve come across are the AMISH. They are traditional Christian Anabaptists who originally have Swiss German roots, and settled (mostly) in Pennsylvania in the early 18th Century.

I went to Lancaster Country, PA today to learn all about their way of life, and it’s fascinating! Have you ever heard of the Amish before?

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  1. I have family in that part of Pennsylvania, and when I go to visit, I see Amish culture almost everywhere. And funny enough, I have a little bit of Pennsylvania Dutch in my ancestry. Haha

  2. WRONG DUDE!!………Many Amish Use power today, and have taken a Progressive/Middle stance…..so they WILL use power tools, trucks, tractors for Essential work……..And NO I'm not confusing them with Menonites…… Amish just don't believe in "Grid Power". The oldschool conservative Amish that use NO power, are a dying breed…..Amish lifestyle is a complicated thing….many communities make their Own Rules within the religion…..

  3. I live in Lancaster county, they are an inbred money hungry misogynistic cult that runs some evil puppy mills and treats their animals in an inhumane fashion. They cover up a large amount of child sex offenders. Don’t buy the bullshit

  4. when he said (fiming from smartphone and/or camera) "they enjoy life more debatedly than we do" , i thought his mind is so open that his brains are beginning to fall out

  5. It is not possible to shun the modern technology. Getting non Amish people to drive or use motorised machines for them is not the Biblical way. They use modern medicine and doctors ??. Since they do not watch documentaries or news, they are the most misinformed people in the world. Any society that ignores progress and development, is not a happy state. It is an oppressed state. Even the most traditional, fanatic people, who follow the Bible to the word in strict Muslim countries, do not reject use of machinery, progress and development.

  6. I work in Kutztown PA which is near Lancaster and everyday I pass through their farms and fields. You see 6-7 year old's biking ALONE on the main road at 6am going to a farm nearby everyday. They aren't scared at all. Male or female. I believe they grow up faster than we do because they work at such a young age! No school or time wasting bs. It's so wholesome to see these kids bike past these modern cars and I question myself if they ever find the grass is greener on the other side with our technology. I'm sure they do, but i hope they know are shielded from the horrors technology (and gas prices) can bring plus being simple is better. Shit just give me a cool hat and let me start churning butter I LOVE IT!

  7. Only the thought of them not being in the network or in the internet or on any server is exciting, as if they don't exist in our world.. but the thing is that they are living life more than we do

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