Where Can I Find Gold In Pennsylvania (Gold Prospecting)

Where Can I Find and Prospect for Gold In Pennsylvania

See where gold has been found in Pennsylvania. How to know where to find gold in your state. USGS Gold maps reveal where to find gold. Learn more about how to map gold in your state right here: Learn more about placer and lode gold prospecting in Pennsylvania or any other state for that matter.

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  1. That is the mighty Susquehanna 🤘🤘 there are streams such as the swatara creek feeds that river,,, which states many mines north,,,, head waters has a 80 water fall only can be found if you know how to👍 there is gold all over bit it's very hard to find,,,, I k ow a few found a spot, I have yet to find the right spot,but it's out there

  2. Iv found lots and lots of pyrites up in the coal mine areas just north of Lancaster, lots and lots of quartz as well,,, pa has lots of iron,,, in the southern counties,, several iron smelters such as Cornwell furnace,, there is a road called gold mine road threw dauphin county south of indiantown gap and there are lots of old takes of planning gold in any stream,, supposed to be glacier gold

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  4. I think there are a few places in North Jersey where very isolated gold pockets could be found. I've noted the presence of all the associated minerals, including quartz and chalcopyrite. There are also several very old copper mines. These are all in quite tiny areas, relative to modern commercial deposits, so it's not a surprise they've been overlooked.

    I'll be doing some micro-processing of small samples once I get my smelting equipment and let you know if it's there.

  5. Gold and even copper has been found in Adams county, Pennsylvania.
    Gettysburg, Hunterstown, Bendersville even in New Oxfor, there has been minut amounts found. Best areas are near Hunterstown and the mountainous or hilly areas of Adams county.

  6. My high school teacher (who was into everything) used to put some sort of a box in one of our local creeks in Pennsylvania and would leave it there for about a year. The next year he would harvest the box and get about an ounce of gold from it. He would put it back in and do it every year. I know the name of the creek but don't want people running over and destroying the place looking for gold. Unfortunately, like a mushroom hunter he never disclosed where he got the gold on the creek.
    Would you know what kind of box he was using? I'm not a prospector but it is interesting. Thanks

  7. My father owned a waterfall in Pennsylvania that was pretty famous for it’s mill history and gold content , I walked up the river at 13years old now 25 years ago and I think I found where it’s coming from but his mineral report was 19.9% gold in the solid rock he grabbed and sent to a lab , the property was going under a drill rig for supposed to be motherload gold and. The flood of 55 came and washed the rig down the river , we found mostly flour gold but there was nuggets found in NEPA

  8. I see this an older one, however there used to be a gold club in pa near York pa. Had their own little island. I kept looking at what was found in pa. In perry county there was a well dug that produced gold. There's also iron stone near the cumberland county border. …
    Also..the theory was Placer drained out of the susquehanna…so trailing up above where the susquehanna broke through the mountains, I checked further north…Potter county which did produce a few flakes near galeton.

  9. Guys i grew up mennonite I live in new holland in Lancaster I'm a newbie if your willing to work with me I can get you on these farmers streams I know how to connect with the farmers I can get us on there streams or rivers let me know we can link up

  10. Grace mine was owned by Bethlehem Steel and was not a gold mine, even though I believe gold was found among all the other minerals that were mined. A family member worked for Grace mines back in 60's and always told my father that the gold found helped pay for the operations.

  11. EDIT: read reply
    you are doing a good thing so keep the $7. however i need to warn prospectors that wish to pan in PA. there is no public land that you may legally prospect on including submerged lands. i found some info (the only info i found on this) on a usgs site that mentions the most of the land in parks is open to gold panning but there is absolutely no mention of it on their websites even with searching key words such as gold, gold prospecting, and gold panning. all of the info i found was nothing but runarounds with more and more conflicting information. the DEP was useless. i found a PDF from the DEP which was the most useful info i found on the subject so thats why i contacted them. it did say it was legal on navigable waters which PA has classified as the primary RIVERS because of people using the excuse of the flood of 72 back when panning was still seemingly legal. but with the other tidbits i found its only legal if you are prospecting on it form private property. DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THAT, that is just speculation based off of the horrendous lack of info. i found a couple of vids about a panning event in york springs held once a year (and the only time panning was legal apparently) by Jeri Jones before he retired. he is york springs gold "expert" and is the former york springs parks and recreation project coordinator. i contacted him yesterday on messenger but he has not responded. what i found is that its essentially only legal if you pan/non motorized sluice on private property with owners permission. additionally if you somehow manage to get a permit for a motorized sluice and/or dredge etc. the state has royalty over any gold found if it could be sold. other than that was chat rooms with most everybody telling others to go very deep into the woods and dont ask dont tell. thankfully i checked up on this before buying $100 in equipment.

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