When will we know who won Pennsylvania's GOP Senate race? | NewsNation Special Coverage

Pennsylvania’s Republican Senate contest lived up to its billing as a tight race as the votes continued to be counted Wednesday morning.

Hours after the polls closed, television personality Mehmet Oz and former George W. Bush administration official David McCormick are separated by less than a single percentage point. The race is too close to call.

A finish within half a percent would trigger a recount. Scott Tranter with Decision Desk HQ compared the breakdown of in-person versus absentee ballots to the 2020 presidential election that initially showed Joe Biden behind Donald Trump before Biden ultimately won.

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  1. These reporters are SO DISHONEST. Of Course Trumps' endorsement matters. His record is like 55 to 1. So getting Trumps' endorsement is a GREAT THING for the country since Trump is picking America FIRST candidates. These reporters are scum.

  2. If either of these two had been democrats, they'd have nothing to worry about. A truck loaded with 100K fraudulent ballots would've been unloaded at 3 a.m. to help seal the deal. Sound crazy ?? That's exactly what happened in the 2020 election, with plenty of evidence and proof. It went on in multiple States, coupled with other methods of cheating. The spawn of Satan will stop at nothing to be in power. This isn't a conspiracy theory, it's reality.

  3. We'll find out who won when they figure out how many votes the establishment candidate needs. This is why we've been bombarded by the media with the "Trumps endorsement doesn't matter" narrative.

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