What the Hell Happened to Pennsylvania? Episode 1 – Chester, PA

Dang Chester, Pennsylvania might be the worst place in the country.

For this edition of dashboard tours, I drove to the city of Chester, Pennsylvania, which is widely considered the worst place to live in the entire state. It was a dreary, cloudy and somewhat rainy morning. The day was Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at about 1 pm.

Why is Chester the worst place to live in Pennsylvania? Mainly poverty and crime. And as you’ll see on this drive, the community is falling apart. Burned out and vacant homes, trash everywhere and shuttered businesses. Chester is only about a 20 minute drive south from downtown Philadelphia.

Would I recommend moving here? No way. But what’s interesting is Chester’s population hasn’t dropped at all over the last ten years. Look at this population chart. It’s about as flat as you’ll ever see in any city in America. But homes are cheap – you could score a home here for an average price of $74,000.

But my personal opinion is, buying a home here or moving here would be a bad idea. The city is bankrupt, the schools are broke and crime is out of control. Some people say this is in the top 10 for worst places to live in the whole country.

Here’s the worst parts of the worst city in Pennsylvania.

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