What the Hell Happened to Pennsylvania? Episode 1 – Chester, PA

Dang Chester, Pennsylvania might be the worst place in the country.

For this edition of dashboard tours, I drove to the city of Chester, Pennsylvania, which is widely considered the worst place to live in the entire state. It was a dreary, cloudy and somewhat rainy morning. The day was Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at about 1 pm.

Why is Chester the worst place to live in Pennsylvania? Mainly poverty and crime. And as you’ll see on this drive, the community is falling apart. Burned out and vacant homes, trash everywhere and shuttered businesses. Chester is only about a 20 minute drive south from downtown Philadelphia.

Would I recommend moving here? No way. But what’s interesting is Chester’s population hasn’t dropped at all over the last ten years. Look at this population chart. It’s about as flat as you’ll ever see in any city in America. But homes are cheap – you could score a home here for an average price of $74,000.

But my personal opinion is, buying a home here or moving here would be a bad idea. The city is bankrupt, the schools are broke and crime is out of control. Some people say this is in the top 10 for worst places to live in the whole country.

Here’s the worst parts of the worst city in Pennsylvania.

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  1. It might be a place to urban or suburban homestead. It looks as if the houses and buildings are salvageable. It’s not totally deserted and the sidewalks aren’t obstructed by block after block of tents, trash, excrement, and addicts nodding off. The good people need to get together and make it a better place, little by little. You don’t money to say, pick up small trash items, put them all in one pile, and toss grass and wildflower seeds on the rest. Paint your door and trim. Sweep the walkway, put out some flowers. If every other house did that on a block, the entire mood changes. This place needs a boost.

  2. That was just a small portion of Chester. Should of took them down Boyle street. Chester Policians are corrupt. They built a state prison, a professional soccer stadium and casino. Within 10 years of each other. And they said all tax money and revenue would go the school district. A few years later they threatening to shut down Chester High. You cant make that stuff up.

  3. This is about..1/3 to 1/4 of Chester. Somehow he didnt ride through the worst or best parts of the city. Chester’s downfall, like others have said, was the factories closing along the river and those jobs were never replaced. Then it was a domino effect of white flight > declining school district > escalating crime. There is potential for a bounce back but the city just needs something to bring in consistent money from visitors.

  4. When jobs leave such as the Sun Ship builders, and the Ford Motor Company and nothing comes in to replace it. This is what tends to happen. Chester was at its highest point during the industrial revolution but ill prepared for the technician revolution.
    The schools decayed as well as the neighborhoods because of shrunken tax base. Even though it shows in the video that there are 33k people there. They don't tell you that there was 60k there in 1980. That shrinkage came because of a white middle class that fled the area when the jobs left.
    Chester, PA was the place where William Penn (who founded Pennsylvania) landed and where Martin Luther King went to Seminary school. There have been many great people who have come from Chester, Politicians, Journalists, Athletes and Entertainers for example. It's a city that under the right leadership can return and make a huge impact on the northeastern corridor of the US

  5. I grew up on Booth Street and I left in the 80s. It was bad then I can only imagine what it's like now.

  6. Democrats.
    Globalist Republicans.
    That’s what happened to Chester.

    And they’ll keep voting Democrat so nothing will change.

  7. Despite what this video depicts,most of the people there are good working people,but,as usual,it's the younger generations that change things for the worst.

  8. Pennsylvania overall is a dump. I grew up there and moved away bc it’s a trash heap of a rust belt.
    The flip side is stunning countryside and rural farmlands. If I would move back, it would be to beautiful north central PA or south central where the Appalachians come up through the state. 🍁🍂🌳

  9. What happened to Pennsylvania? Most of its beautiful land became congested! I would to see its land and old buildings restored!

  10. I live in chester in thats not even the worst part i cant wait to move soon chester use to be nice place but its kinda getting better kinda in some parts

  11. The reason it changed because of racial discrimination! Look it up! Instead of judging, look up what happened! Born and raised! THEY BUILT A PRISON AND CLOSED DOWN SCHOOLS!!! NO GROCERY STORES!

  12. Nick, your channel is my go to channel when I'm feeling depressed. Your videos cheer me up for some reason.

  13. I work on 9th st and live very close to the city. My best friend is from there and finally got out, that city will eat u one way or another. So much desperation.

  14. I see a lovely well planned and cozy city in this video , unfortunately aging , rust and not well maintaned .

  15. I love how older buildings are designed. It sucks how none of them are kept up over time

  16. In My Hometown Huh Nick? 😂😂 But I Don't Live There Anymore Tho..I Hope Your Tour Of The City Was…. Interesting lol

  17. Corporate Profits/Wall Street/Free Trade/Outsourcing/Polliticans. The one percent has betrayed this country…..

  18. I live right outside of Chester and it has been like this since I was born. Back before the 50s it was the place to living when everyone was moving out of Philly and down here. My grandparents lived in the Italian village in south Philly and when they started building suburbs aka Chester they moved. Cut to today and my town and others pay for their schools and roads. Also you’re going down east 5th and welsh saying it’s the worst part of town and my friend I can certainly tell you it’s not 😂😂😂 you literally are driving through their “city” part with all their shops which is the SAFEST place in Chester. You’re welcome.

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