1. More like the Washington Commies or Comrades, that's what's coming out of Washington now a days. Maybe a better name would be the Washington Wokes with their cheer after every losing season as, "Go Woke, Go Broke!"

  2. It's a complete fail. It all looks like something they spent 5 minutes thinking about instead of 2 years. The Super Bowl years are flat out wrong. They were champions of the 82, 87, and 91 seasons. Commanders is a horrible name.

  3. The uniforms are tight they just need to change a few things. The W logo should be just like the burgundy ones. Take the number off and put the Gold W on both sides. Put the patch on the shoulders not the where the numbers are at. The face masks should be gold. That's it son. And of course change the dates on the crest.

  4. I like the helmets, except for that silly little 'w' on the black one. But the jerseys are cheap and boring looking imo. I don't like the jersey numbers at all.

  5. Did you see the video of Jason Wright saying: "We are really just trying to appease the rich counties in NoVa/DC so that we can get a stadium", he even aknowledges no one likes the name. Sheesh!

  6. The name choice is understandable, if they were not going to pick either the Wolves or the Warriors, Commanders is the next most sensible choice. I like the new uniforms except for the white jerseys and the black helmet. They got too cute with the white jerseys, which look more like high school uniforms, and the black helmets would look better with the W on the sides and with the number on the front instead. Plus I would have liked to see them use the smaller 3 stripes on the pants, a bit retro but classy.

  7. I like semi pro baseball, this name really reminds me of some of the teams that are out there. It’s very semi pro sounding, the XFL would be proud.

  8. The name is just okay, we'll all get used to it. Everyone got excited about the Wolves, so we hyped ourselves up. Honestly, I dont like the uniforms at all, especially the black one. The Burgundy helmets are really nice, especially with the burgundy face mask. The black helmet is terrible – the numbers on side (why though?) with a "W" on the front – just terrible. The worst part of this entire reveal, was the reveal itself. Did Dany Snyder even know the reveal was today? He looked disheveled, hair a mess, not shaven, like he just rolled out of bed. Also, what up with his ill fitting cloth – strange!?! For a BILLION dollar NFL organization, the reveal was thoughtless, haphazard, goofy and sad. They should have had music playing, like a party element, a few key players actually come out like its game day in smoke screens wearing the new uniforms, etc. Today's "event" was pitiful – just pitiful.

  9. Snyder and his commanders can kiss my ass. First he bought the team and proceeded to ruin a once great and respected franchise. Then he caved to the pc crowd and destroyed it. I will not follow this sham of a team, I am and will always be a Redskins fan. Hail to the Redskins!!!

  10. Commander is a naval rank. That goes well with military fly overs of stadium and the national freaking anthem. Sir, Yes Sir. Sir. Humphrey, I ORDERED you to get open! The circus continues…

  11. Too much black on the white uniform…..and those horrid shoulder sleeves are so ugly….and you are right it doesn't look right and not Washington. What happened to staying true to our Burgundy & Gold look/heritage

  12. This is the saddest thing I've ever seen. Corny name, weak jerzees, and they lied about the whole process for 2 years. More garbage fed to the fans. And the fans are rationalizing it. This franchise has been erased from the earth.

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