Washington's law enforcement prepare for new reform laws taking effect Sunday

Buried in the outskirts of Burien, you’ll find “Mock City.” It is where hundreds of new recruits come every year to learn how to become a police officer at the Criminal Justice Training Center.

It is also where tactical instructors are adapting with the ever changing use-of-force laws in Washington, which will enter a new phase on Sunday.

“Violating pace and compressing distance has an inverse effect on threat perception,” said instructor Scott Wells about how tactics have changed in recent years, especially since I-940 was approved in 2019.



  1. If I was a police officer I would quit immediately matter fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the officers shoot to kill the people who wrote the bill I would not be surprised

  2. Pow..der…puff. ya wanna deescalate ya gotta start with the put the fear of god in em tactic…oops can't say tactic um theory. Drugs, DUI, homelessness, crime are all on the rise and the best idea some jive turkeys comes up with is act like a phone solicitor?
    -Excuse me sir I see your manic can I have a moment of your time, I need to know if your gonna hurt anyone.
    -No? Ok all I need to know. Have a good one.

  3. My local Safeway is losing $700-800/day .That is $24K/mo. Folks are grabbing bottles and walking out the front door.
    One employee told me "Corporate won't let us do anything". Welcome to Inslee's Washington.

  4. Last night, officers couldn't let a K-9 track possible homicide suspect because it could violate this BS law. WAY TO GO, Olympia! Only four days of it being in place and it looks like you already helped a murderer get away.

  5. Police need better martial arts training. (As long as the suspect is unarmed) 3 guys should have no problem getting one person on the ground. Just look at Japan they do it all the time and barely EVER kill anyone after arresting them.

  6. I have read the new laws over and over again, these new laws do need to be refined, However they for the most part will enhance the safety to the general public in our communities. There are many many many examples right here in the State of Washington where these new laws would have protected the communities and citizens, look up for instance the Moses Lake police department on YouTube, see how you feel of the policing caught on camera, like for instance the lady who got ran from Moses Lake and the Grant county sheriffs dept., and was involved in a high speed chase through a crowded city center, past a school zone, and into a residential neighbor hood putting many citizens at risk, she became trapped under the wheel of her own truck after trying to dive out of her vehicle while it was still moving, causing it to go up into a yard of a house, officers, then rather than trying to rescue her from further injury, re engaged the transmission of the truck, so the suspect was valiantly spit out from under the rear wheels of the truck, causing lifelong permeant injuries to the suspect. Or more recently a high speed chase during the early morning hours between Moses lake police, and a suspect who had a possible pending warrant, in the county on Patten Blvd, morning rush hour, as children are in transit to two elementary schools, one middle school, job corps, and big bend community college, not to mention employees of Coke, Budweiser, Air Tech, Genie, BMW, Boeing, Sonoco, and FedEx, AMR, and Samaritan clinic, are all on their way to class, work, or home after shift. Many citizens lives were put in danger as this high speed pursuit resulted in a roll over accident as the suspect lost control at high speed hitting a power pole, causing the pole to sheer off and come down in the road and damaging to police vehicle as well. and that's just a couple small examples right here in my town, there are many more in my town, and county, and even more than that state wide. These new laws are not an over reaction by the Legislature, the are in fact a direct response to the behavior of law enforcement officers state wide, Legislators weren't siting isolated examples somewhere else in the nation when the took the time to write these new laws, they were sighting examples right here, from Big cities like Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane, and Wenatchee and small cities like Lakewood, Moses Lake, and Walla Walla, and Union Gap. all the states local jurisdictions are touched by the need for reform. Over aggressive policing has become the norm, and use of force has become out of control nationwide, but it is also a huge problem here. even in this video the Ferry county Sherriff was dismayed that he might not be able to use force in a Silver alert situation? you hear that a Silver alert! Do you really want the Sheriffs department to rough up your granddad or aging mother because they got confused, don't you think that is a little crazy that they even would want the authority to do so?

    There is a system wide cultural problem in law enforcement today, and these new laws are a direct result of that culture.

    In closing I do not believe in defunding law enforcement, however i do agree something has to change soon, maybe these new laws will help. only time will tell.

  7. "If we can't have fun with the idiots of society in harmful ways, we'll just do nothing and take off…". Cool. So we can defend our own neighborhoods now?!? 😬 OLD WEST JUSTICE. Time to clean up this town!

  8. U cant compromise with someone on drug. They will over power cops. Mental health can be added to the drugs. My question is how can they tell? Mental from drugs? Just asking.

  9. The game department used darts in a dartgun, to shoot an unrulely animal, or preditors. Why not just tranquilize humans in the same way? Then they just wake up somewhere else. Tasers do more damage. Have you given it any thought?

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