Washington Wizards vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights | November 10 | 2022 NBA Season

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  1. Kuzma is so different now, he is on fire in shooting 3s..He can beat the lakers when he returns to LA.

  2. i thought kuzma was a brick, very good to see him flourish i wish all of them the best. Beal my man I hope he stays strong

  3. that was karma, after Okoro hit the floor Kuzma was the first guy to check on him and right after that he hit the game winning three from the corner

  4. Fuck lebron!! He was d one who decided to trade kuzma, harell and kcp to wizard!! Becos he was totally inlove with his boyfriend westbrick d turn.over machine!! Now lakers s doom!!

  5. Man that was a heck of a bad defence in the last possession. You just can’t let Kuz wide open in crunchtime especially when he is hot and when you up 2. All in all despite this good game by the cavs

  6. 残り5、6分でダメかなって感じでも今年のウィザーズだと外からでまくれる強さがあるな

  7. So happy for all the ex lakers players that’s doing so well on different teams right now! Especially KUUUUUUUUZMANIA🔥

  8. I always said it Kuzma just like Robert Horry can Win you Games in Money Time, he did it a few times in LA, I hope the Wizard coaching Staff see it and give him more shots like this so he can make more.
    It ' s Kuz 80 th Game when he scored 20 + Points of his Career. He s been scoring 20 points Game at least every 3 games which is Solid tho 🙂

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  10. As a long time Cavs fan , the growth I’ve seen in this team since the post LeBron era is phenomenal. The potential this team can reach with DG, Allen and Mobley as our core will cause havoc in the east in the future. Garland is growing into the point guard we need him to be, and Mobley is already showing glimpse of greatness(definitely ROTY contender). The dominance from Jarret offensively and defensively speaks for himself. GG to the wizards , but I’m happy with Cavs recent performance’s , including today. Let’s keep it up‼️

  11. Trade Beal lol


    Btw, Cleveland future is so solid with Garland-Mobley-Alen, i predict
    Beal+picks for LeBron

  12. Im so glad colin sexton isnt playing its so much more ball movement and team chemistry trade that guy

  13. Montrezl Harrell=24-Points, 11-Rebounds.
    Kyle Kuzma=22-Points, 5-Rebounds.
    LBJ fans always belittle and discredit his teammates. Aside from the big names, Lebron James had a lot of good teammates.
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas- 2x All-star.
    Andre Drummond- 2x All-star, 4x Nba Rebounding Leader.
    Antawn Jamison- 2x All-star.
    Anderson Varegao- 1x All-Defensive Team.
    Montrezl Harrell- 1x Nba Sixth Man.
    Jordan Clarkson- 1x Nba Sixth Man.
    Shane Battier- 2x All-Defensive Team.
    Danny Green- 1x All-Defensive Team.
    Avery Bradley- 2x All-Defensive Team.
    Mike Miller- 1x Nba Sixth Man.
    JR.Smith- 1x Nba Sixth Man.
    Larry Hughes- 1x All-Defensive Team, 1x Nba Steals Leader.
    Mo Williams- 1x All-star.
    Kyle Kuzma, George Hill, Dennis Schroder, KCP, Jeff Green, McGee, Mario Chalmers, Kyle Korver, Daniel Gibson.
    But Lebron fans call all these players scrubs.

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