Washington Wizards Blown out. Wiz reportedly make an offer for Domantas Sabonis

The Washington Wizards were dominated by the Suns at home and only put up 30 points in the first half. In more important news the Wizards reportedly made an offer to the Pacers for Domantas Sabonis. Ed and Dialante discuss if they think this is a good move for the Wizards and who they think will be included in the offer?


  1. The best move for the wizards to make is trading Beal for Simmons. Besides shooting Simmons does everything else better and beal been in the league longer! Simmons brings everything that the wizards are missing and leaves room for our young guys and rookie coach to develop. Come on people wake up

  2. If you want Sabonis and defense, you can't let Deni go. That makes no sense whatsoever.
    In addition, the most painful point is the lack of a point guard. Get a freakin' point guard!!!

  3. The NBA is a bad league
    With solo basketball like on the street.
    Today's the Euroleague would have broken them down into pieces. In Europe there is no ego, there
    She is a team and the coach is the only star.
    deni wastes himself and talent and confidence, you are a league of zeros.

  4. Come on. The wizards need a point guard. And they need defense. Get Simmons. It's harder to find a Ben Simmons than a Bradley Beal. Get Simmons drop Beal. Get to working on that defense

  5. Do you really think Sabonis is the savior of this evil group? Until the coach is replaced and all the egotistical players who do not play a team game even God will not help them. The best thing for Denny Avdjia is to trade him. Please release him from this terrible team that does not know how to appreciate players who play for their team and not for their personal statistics.

  6. A real PG, Beal, KCP/Kispert, Kuzma/Rui & Sabonis/Trez (or TB) – now we talking. We got a pretty solid & deep bench tbh. Small adjusments and it can take off big time.

  7. I think it's time to try Bradley Beal India Ben Simmons and going get a better to guard for less money. 2 yrs on bens contract. You can still get Sabonus for Bryant.

  8. I think we have a coaching issue would lack of coaching experience. The assistant on the bench don't have very much experience either they are not training these guys
    They want to use a system. Their guys don't fit his system. NBA is about points

  9. It is very rare that a team gets more than 4-5 games better after a trade. We shouldn’t expect a huge change in the overall outcome of the season. It’s unfortunate, but losing games and getting top picks is the recipe for success in the NBA.

  10. It starts at the top. Ted and Tommy have put this roster into a death spiral. It starts with Tommy being fired and replaced with an outside hire for GM.

    They only players worth keeping are Rui, Kuzma, and Harrell. Gafford, we have no choice thanks to Tommy. Everyone else can go.

  11. Dialante, no more love for Deni? 🙂 imho deni's potential is as high at it was. He's gonna be great. He needs the right system… a team that plays team basketball (Phoenix?). maybe won't happen in Washington.

  12. i will stop waching you guys as much as other people from israel. i cant spent my time on people that there line up is with out denni avdija. you guys blind to the potencial of denni. its amazing me becouse im seing denni since he ie 12 years old. huge mistake/ huge!!!

  13. The Wizards suck..all that talent and they still don't know how to win…they don't play defense,Beal needs to be traded and Unseld Jr needs to go back to Denver.

  14. TB and 2 picks (take off protections) for Sabonis..TB played @Indiana…
    3way..Give Knicks Spence and Trez and Pistons future 1RP, Knicks give Pistons (who they want) Robinson and give Wiz Kemba, Pistons give Wiz Grant..

  15. If you sign Beal to supermax, how you are going to rebuild? Impossible. For Bulls, it was a risk to sign DeRozan who is 35yo. Yet they found the gem. Bull also has a young talent such as Donsumu, Coby White. Wizards don't have a such a young talent. Wizards flat out do very poor jobs getting talents from draft or free agents. It is crazy that Wizards is at mercy of Beal!!

  16. We get Sabonis and we prolly gonna get closer to the 8th seed unless if Beals injury is more serious than expected. ( which that would definetly be a mirror situation from the bulls last year)

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