Washington vs Stanford Football Game Highlights 10 30 2021

Washington vs Stanford Football Game Highlights 10 30 2021
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  1. Stanford's unis, including the helmets, are pitiful. Are they trying to steal the look of the SDSU Aztecs, who stay with solid black with red trim originated during their "Air Coryell" days?

  2. Annnnd your pac 12 crummy game of the week goes to ………

  3. Ugly game. A kickfest. If Stanford didn't turn it over, Huskies lose. LOL on the commentators saying Huskies "found their identity". What identity? Kick it a lot and win at the last second, against a team you should wipe out if you were any good?

  4. Can a west coast fan clarify something? Are these stadiums empty because of COVID restrictions, or lack of enthusiasm from fans? I notice California teams have lackluster crowds, seems to me PAC12 teams in the North West have poor showings also; What's going on?

  5. Missed the game completely. The announced crowd was roughly 28,000 (for 50,000 capacity stadium). From the looks of it, that number is a stretch. Attendance looked closer to 20,000. Would anyone at the game or watching from home care to comment on the attendance?

  6. Yay. We win the Battle of Mediocrity. Unfortunately, I'm guessing we'll still have 3 more seasons of the "Jimmy Lake Experiment" before they send him packing. He can't get his offense to run. He can't get his defense to stop the run or tackle at all. He is completely out of his depth.

  7. 3:46. Alec Baldwin. Movie title: "Rust." Female director of photography the victim. Where was this cameraPERSON pointing the camera when the football was thrown?

  8. Primetime game is Oregon-Washington next week.

    Watch Washington’s offense have no problems next week because of PAC-12 wildness.

  9. I just don’t know why would Stanford throw the football at 3rd and 4 with 2:39 left in the 4th quarter just run the football twice and u win the game.If he had just run the football they would of taken time off the clock even if u didn’t get the first down.

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