Washington State University Football Coach Fired For Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine

Washington State University head football coach Nick Rolovich and four of his assistants have been fired for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine in defiance of a new state mandate. KING’s Kalie Greenberg reports.

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  1. Honestly, he just wanted to get out of Washington. The leadership supported burning the city, beating people to death in the streets, & injuring hundreds of police officers. Washington sucks!

  2. this issue is NOT about "leftism" or "rightism"…it's about what our government is REQUIRED to do under the Constitution…protect our rights..including the right to life which is mentioned FIRST in the list of rights endowed to us by our Creator…if the Founding Fathers had just left the word "life" out of it..we wouldn't be having this problem..according to the Constitution our government's duty is to protect our rights…that's what our government exists for…

  3. Pat Chun forgot to mention that Nick Rolovich got a legal religious exemption but the Pat Chun would not accommodations. Not making accommodation for a legal exemption is a violation of the law and WSu will be sued and lose the law suit.

  4. Only man-children would believe the covid narrative such as the “Delta variant” for which there is no mass public test for, and thus inject experimental poison into their bodies. Such persons have an inferiority complex—they weren’t attractive enough, athletic or particularly intelligent, so they try to bluff themselves and others by trying to pass themselves as “scientific” by blindly accepting the Trump blood clot jab; you can’t fake attractiveness or athleticism so they opt to pose themselves as intelligent rather than mediocre, the latter a compliment for most.

    If you look at all the covid tyrants they all look like miserable losers like the lineup of the top Nazis—Hitler, Himmler, Goring, the so-called ubermench (allied posteres used to mock them like that; like the losers of the communist revolution). Ever look at that loser lineup? Fauci, Gates, Pelosi, Boris Johnson, Macron, Ping, Mitsotakis, Cuomo, Deblasio, etc? Revenge of the nerds but not the good kind.

    Politicians are the most envious people on the planet. Too ugly to be movie stars but still prostitutes like Hollywood nonetheless. They are meant to be our servants but they sell themselves to the highest bidder (no offense to prostitutes comparing them to politicians; Prostitutes have some good qualities and provide a service. Politicians just rob).

    Reporters weren’t talented/good-looking enough to be actors so they became script readers; too dull to be scientists. Same with politicians. Since time immemorial actors/singers have been on the level of prostitutes. They aren’t authorities on ethics, science, etc. Neither does chasing a ball make one an authority on anything.

    The FDA recently approved a useless dangerous drug (Aduhelm) due to monetary considerations, despite its expert panel almost unanimously voting against it (two abstained and three resigned in protest). Two more FDA officials just resigned over booster shots, so think twice before you blindly listen to “experts.” People die of FDA-approved drugs all the time. Fauci himself never saw a patient. He went straight from led school to government bureaucracy as a big pharma stooge.

    In India the bar association wants to put the health minister on trial for murder for denying ivermectin and forcing the damaging Trump blood clot shots. They have almost no cases while the jabbed nations are exploding.

    In New York heath are workers see the destruction from the trump blood clot shots and forced the city to rescind the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.

    Moderna never came out with a single product until their Trump experimental mRNA blood clot shot, making them billions. Do you know who runs it or Pzifer, J&J? Yet we are supposed to blindly trust them.

    Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion in 2009.

    Johnson and Johnson baby powder gave cancer to women and children over decades; All these vaccine manufacturers have had to pay fines for fraud and damages in the hundreds of billions over just the last couple of decades. They were found guilty of starting the opioid crisis and are now opening shell corporations to avoid paying liability.

    Viruses always get weaker as they run their course, and on top of that so many people were injected with a so-called vaccine, yet notice that after the vaccines came out things are getting worse. How is that possible? It’s Not. Never happened in the course of human history.

    We’ll find out the long-terms effects from the shots in a few years. That’s how long a bona fide study and testing for a vaccine requires—and this is gene therapy, not a traditionally attenuated virus vaccine. mRNA is being injected into you to make your body produce unlimited spike proteins essentially. Vaccines don’t don’t that. The latter never reprogramed your genetics.

    If the Trump blood clot shots are still shedding so-called covid, what’s the point of mandates? The flu was never stopped by masks and now they tell us the covid virus is stopped by masks.

    Anyone in the media going to put two and two together yet and figure out it’s the Trump blood clot shots making people sick? Death rates didn’t even change per annum until the gene therapy shots came out. And they had the audacity to tell us the flu, pneumonia etc went to zero. You can’t hold it too much against the media though. The only original thing they say is the banter between them and the weatherman (or woman). The rest is scripted.

    If Lockdowns Work, Explain California V. Texas And Florida:


    India uses ivermectin and has deck info so-called covid cases while almost fully trump blood clot shot “vaxxed” Israel has soaring cases.


    Lockdowns have caused people around the globe to become more desperate. In places where food is a large percentage of disposable I income it’s a serious issue to make an understatement. The lockdown will threaten more people globally by putting 132 million more people on the verge of hunger, and not the benign hunger of missing a meal like in the west. Actually 1 in 3 New Yorkers will forego a meal due to covid.


    Mask don’t work. Masks Britain :


    hospitalizations in five Southern states with completely different interventions and mask mandates have followed the same exact curves, with nearly identical numbers.


    Lockdowns will be remembered like medieval bloodletting.

    Florida beats all the strictest states:


    In the words of Cambridge’s phg Foundation:

    There is still a lot of work to be done before mRNA vaccines can become standard treatments, we need a better understanding of their potential side effects, and more evidence of their long term efficacy.


    History is littered with such scientific proclamations that led to catastrophic effects.

    Larry King, DMX, etc all died after vaccination:

    Compare Midwestern states with lots of restrictions (blue) with Midwestern states with few or no restrictions (red). No difference:


    Emergency room visits in the USA actually have flattened and has gone down since March, contrary to what they would have us believe in the news:


    Where did the flu go?


    An international group of scientists, including two FDA officials, said available evidence does not indicate a need for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots among the general population.

    Dr. Fauci and the Biden administration have now been accused of cherry-picking information with the sole intention of profiting from the vaccines:


    3 Experts Have Resigned From An FDA Committee Over Alzheimer's Drug Approval:


  5. Rolovich has only himself to blame for his new, unemployed status. A guy with his bad judgment should not be in any university capacity where he can influence young people. 

    There is NO religious exemption relevant to Rolovich's case…

    Rolovich says he based his decision on his catholic faith; however, even the Pope took the vaccine and encourages all catholics to do the same.

  6. The vaccine is no longer even working heard from the mouth of a physician at sacred heart spokane Stating 90% of infections are not covid 19 but the variant on which the vaccine is not working that well

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