Washington State coach Nick Rolovich fired after refusing COVID-19 vaccine | CBS Sports HQ

Everything you need to know about Washington State coach Nick Rolovich being fired after being denied a religious exemption to the school and state’s vaccine mandate.


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  1. Religious exemption for vaccines? Pretty sure there were no vaccine fables added when the Bible was written. Or whatever other book of nonsense he prescribes to. More likely his religious leaders are on a power trip and flexing their muscles by telling their followers what to do and what not to do. Nothing new about that I guess.

  2. Revelations 13:17 – "and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
    You're being conditioned for this. Think.

  3. At WSU instructors teach that there is something inherently bad and wrong with students based on their physical appearance categories. I contacted the Dean of Students Office about this and the Dean slammed the phone on me. I guess they don't want to talk about it. Instructors at WSU teach that some students are spiritually damaged according to how they look physically… how is that career relevant? Once you have already started a program and have paid this school you better hope you don't have any concerns because the staff will treat you like garbage.

  4. No one have the right to mandate a vaccine. They can offer it to their employees but not mandate it.

    Its the same as only allow a certain gender to work. This is full on diskrimination and its a way to force or a person to behave or to obey something that they have a right to refuse.

  5. I'm surprised that the government just didn't pay people to get it. I guarantee you if the government offered two grand to everyone who gets it, more than 3/4 of the population would already have done it

  6. Good job! Better to be ensured a future than taking a risk with an experimental gene therapy jab that has a 4% serious injury rate per VAERS, many times higher than the risk for death from getting covid. He made a very wise move.

  7. Disgraceful should of been in his contract 2020 are you willing to put something in your body you have no evidence on if we give you 3 million your the man Nick

  8. Absolutely ridiculous! When these companies and these ppl wake up and open their eyes, not one person can prevent another from dying. The vaccine won't help you when we stand in front of the One who numbered our life from the beginning.

    These CEOs and other world elites pay homage to the evil one. That's why they ignore Godly principles. Make no mistake about it, no one will be able to say "I was vaccinated with this poison, now let me into Heaven".

    You all will regret turning away from The Lord on the day of His wrath. Don't obey man, obey God. Take refuge in Him.

  9. “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe.
    If they don’t, then the country is safe.”
    —Monika Wisniewska

  10. Just say no to drugs. specifically the injected kind.anyone remember DARE.in the 80's the government had it right.now the government is trying to force you to take drugs.it all seems like a nightmare.i new something was not right back then.prying into the private lives of the American people's is strictly against the constitution.peoples are to be secure in all aspects of thier privacy.it now appears the DARE program was just used to cause a kink in the Armour of the God given rights of the people's.DARE got thier foot in the door of your home.now they are saying you have no right to say no to drugs.can no one see were this is going.is everyone so baffled with the bullshit,they can't see facts.

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