Washington Re-Signs Ovechkin & Vegas Trades Fleury To Chicago For WHAT!? w/ Steve Dangle

Steve Dangle shares his thoughts on the Vegas Golden Knights trading Marc-Andre Fleury to the Chicago Blackhawks and Alex Ovechkin signing a contract extension with the Washington Capitals. Will Ovechkin now catch Gretzky?


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  1. BREAKING NEWS… fleury will be in net for the pens home opener. it's just that it will be in net for the hawks instead of the pens!!

  2. Def won’t hit Gretzky’s number. The goalies back then were so bad it was a lot easier to score. Even Gretzky admits it.

  3. As a VGK fan, I am just shocked from the decision and the handling of this Fleury trade. Definitely deserved better.

  4. “Not enough for defensive depth, but you COULD get a pretty decent minivan.”
    Got dammit I love you Steve Dangle.

  5. I’m not sure if I can continue cheering for Vegas with this last move. WHO THE HELL makes these decisions (rhetorical statement) ?!!!?? Someone needs to be slapped across the head. Seriously.

  6. The way I see they should have traded robin instead. I was with the knights at the beginning but now I just don’t know.

  7. That flurry trade Is very bad its like vegas wants to lose now for good what an embarrassment can't believe vegas did this

  8. OV will most likely do it. You figure he's got at least 2×40+ goal seasons left in him, which will help when he's 40/41 scoring 20-25 a season. I have respect for Gretzky, but let's be honest, if Jagr can play til 45, you'd figure if OV is within 50 goals, he'll resign; but then the argument will be length of time played etc vs the rebuttal of different Era & OV plays a physical game etc.
    Either way, both are great players and watching the NHL goal scoring record being broken would memorable, as a lot of us thought/think it probably couldn't be done.
    **For all the Hardcore Gretzky enthusiasts, before you say OV is junk or whatever, just remember The Great One will always be the Great One and he still has a million other NHL records that will never be broken!

  9. I have a feeling this MAF trade will join the ranks of the Markus Naslund/Alek Stojanov trade between Pit/Van and the trade Vancouver made with Dallas to get Loui Eriksson….

  10. I don't want Ovechkin to break Gretzky's goals record because Gretzky is much better looking and he speaks much better English. Ovechkin breaking Gretzky's record is not good for U.S./Canada media. Wayne Gretzky is royalty. He's our Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy Jr., and Princess Diana. Wayne Gretzky should remain the face of hockey. Plus, Wayne Gretzky had the quintessential hockey dad. Walter Gretzky is the Joseph Jackson of hockey fathers. Michael Jackson and Wayne Gretzky were child prodigies.

  11. Myself and my family are huge knights fans…I recently received Fleury’s gold jersey for Mother’s Day, and my praying mantis is named Fleury….this is heartbreaking and INFURIATING. Like, it doesn’t even seem REAL. How how HOW can you do this to a man who has literally put his EVERYTHING into this team, gotten them to the playoffs multiple times since becoming a team, and who is an AWESOME person?! I’m seriously disgusted with the organization right now and seriously contemplating supporting them going forward.

    Oh – also we got five guys from rounds two thru SEVEN for literally the best goalie in the NHL. Ridiculous.

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  13. Trading Fleury for nothing and treating him like used garbage is such a Vegas move- not the team but the actual city itself.

  14. What happened to Flower was an absolute travesty.. I hope the hockey gods come back to haunt the Knights.

  15. Honestly………Fleury should get his pick of teams if that's how Vegas and Chicago are gonna do him. He deserves better treatment 🙁

  16. Fluery made a mistake in an otherwise amazing game. We all know that. I would have started him the next game. He would have been pissed at how the prior game ended and would have shut down Montreal. Instead, the go with Lerner. I knew at that moment Fluery was getting the shaft and that he'd likely be done with Vegas.

  17. Owners and GM's are not men! They think they are, however they are delusional. They didn't have the balls to tell MAF in person to his face. He had to find out on Twitter What a joke!! Social misfits they are.

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