@Washington Justice vs @Dallas Fuel | Opening Weekend Week 1 Day 4

Welcome to Week 1 of Overwatch League’s 5th season! Catch all the action this weekend from May 5-8.

The Overwatch League 2022 season is FINALLY here! Join us from May 5-8 to catch all of the action!
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Overwatch League Teams:
– San Francisco Shock
– Shanghai Dragons:
– Philadelphia Fusion
– Seoul Dynasty
– Paris Eternal
– Florida Mayhem
– Los Angeles Valiant
– Los Angeles Gladiators
– Atlanta Reign
– Houston Outlaws
– Dallas Fuel
– Washington Justice
– Toronto Defiant
– Vancouver Titans
– Boston Uprising
– New York Excelsior
– Guangzhou Charge
– Hangzhou Spark
– Chengdu Hunters
– London Spitfire

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  1. Fielder being allowed to play more aggressive on ana scares me. Man’s gunning for mvp this season

  2. Fielder and chiyo with the big support diff, and then Hanbin with that tank diff. Sp9 on the genji diff.

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