Washington ferry workers call out sick Friday in protest of vaccine mandate

Crew shortages and sick calls brought much of the Washington State Ferries (WSF) system to a halt Friday. About 170 ferry crossings were canceled system-wide, an unprecedented number, and it comes after days of disruptions for ferry riders.

Ferry workers who oppose Gov. Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate are apparently making their voices heard. State employees are required to be vaccinated by Oct. 18 or risk losing their jobs.



  1. Love it America have LOT'S of JOBS available FOR the vaccinated PEOPLE. The unvaccinated PEOPLE are NOT PEOPLE that's WHY they don't need jobs. Greetings from LAS Vegas

  2. Good job ferry workers! This illegal mandate must be stopped. Nobody can force an individual to inject something into their body; no government, no politician and no doctor can make that decision for a FREE citizen.

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  4. I like the nurse who is more concerned about making her shift then the REASON she may not! I live in Washington and we are ALL, with the exception of the idiot nurse and her "friends", fed up with governor idiotslee!! Of course he and his demoRats buddies don't care about US, it's ALL about politics!! He needs to be recalled along with cuomo and ALL the blue state governors!!

  5. Test test test test test you can test the daily you can test hourly or you people got the shot just shut the freak up especially stupid politicians of holding this remember you stupid politicians you can still get covid after you get the vaccine stupid

  6. The rest of the world is dealing with mandates and will come out of them still as strong, democratic, countries…..while the United States will come out of the pandemic as a weak, divided and insignificant country.

  7. If this was about safety ppl should be able to test for immunity. This option is never given, why? Bc it was never about public safety – it's about money and tyranny.
    Vaccines don't protect the public from getting and transmitting covid. And they keep misleading the public with misinformation to push these draconian measures.

  8. All the vaccinated people I know and come in contact with are just fine being around unvaccinated and unmasked people and are not fearful at all. Vaccine mandate pushers represent a minority made up mostly of company shills and ordinary citizens with no clue what the real science is who are putting their faith in the pharmaceutical companies and trying to impose their convictions on everyone else, often while advancing the notion that they are good, caring citizens who are only concerned for the well-being of others. Well, guess what? People who want nothing to do with the vaccines care about the well-being of others too, as well as our own, which is why many of us are refusing to take them.

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