Washington DB Alex Cook Suffers Scary Injury vs Arizona | 2021 College Football

During the college football game between Washington and Arizona, Washington DB Alex Cook suffered a scary injury late in the first quarter when he appeared to take a shot to the head. He was down motionless on the field for about ten minutes before being carted off. Thankfully, it has been reported that he had movement in his arms and legs as he was being loaded on to the ambulance. Arizona has a 3-0 lead over Washington in the second quarter.

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  1. Was it over extension of his Brachioplexus tendon? I know that it connects from shoulder to neck and can cause sever nerve damage suffering a tear in it which is the worst stinger to get.

  2. Had a very similar injury in highschool i never was cleared to play again had a major concussion loss consciousness for 7 1/2 mins minor spinal damage in my cervical spine. Doctors told me one wrong hit to my neck and i could be paralyzed from the neck down. Prayers for this man and hope he doesn’t have same damage i did and just a bad concussion.

  3. I'm so sick of teams putting women on alerts and injuries. THEY DO NOTHING for the injured player besides kneel there and look around for men to come in and evaluate.

  4. I have been ranting this for years. I'm glad Pete Carroll and Rocky Seto from the Seattle Seahawks made a Tackling video to justify my view. To many are having career ending injuries involving the head and neck with improper tackling. Everyone is so concerned with putting the head to ball side to try to force a fumble of have ball carrier trip over defenders body. . By doing this and crossing the ball carriers body you expose neck and side of the head. We should be tracking the near hip (aiming point) of the ball carrier, hitting with near shoulder (near shoulder, near hip technique), and head to the rear ( buttocks). So many carriers ended way to early.

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