1. Our nation's capital lmao…like they don't have the money to fix this. And if you're from another poverty striken country thinking this is a great place to live you dont know our history in the u.s. and how deprived the school system is and how our economy works. So keep judging from the media thinking you know something.

  2. 4:20 when you drove past 54th st up at the terrace – careful recording around those parts, they be shooting each other over $4 right there

  3. We visit D.C. often but have never touched these sides of the District. Probably never will either. Thanks for the video, though. Interesting watch.

  4. Give it 2 more yrs and the Spanish ppl are gonna start taking over lol….look at Georgia ave now😉

  5. Damn..Glad I wasn't buying weed that day…You are HOT like FIRE…JEEZ…I'm sure you gonna block me, but I can't STAMP this shit…You building cases for the FEDS boo…😑

  6. It has been many years since I've been to parts of Southeast D.C. like Benning Road & East Capital Street, NE/SE near the old Shrimp Boat. Back in the 70's, I use to have family members that lived off Minnesota Avenue, S.E. and they later moved to Maryland over the years. The last time I was in Southeast, I went to DCHD on Good Hope Road, S.E. It was like a foreign country out there and I felt uncomfortable being around the people because they were uncouth and downright ghetto. This is not to say, we don't have ghetto folks uptown because we do. I never travel east of Georgia Avenue, NW on Kennedy Street, NW because it's like a war zone with uncouth, uneducated, and violent people hanging out on Kennedy Street, NW. Unfortunately, the D.C. Government is moving people out of these ghetto areas providing them with vouchers moving them into nice neighborhoods in Wards 3 & 4. Many of these people have brought their bad behavior with them living on Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenues, NW. The so-called liberal whites living west of Rock Creek Park are up in arms about these people. Can you blame them? Move them into Mayor Bowser's Colonial Village neighborhood in Ward 4. The bougie Black residents in Colonial Village would be outraged, along with Shepherd Park and North Portal Estates Black residents too. God gave us the greatest gift and that is freedom of choice. Stop blaming the white man for their bad behavior regarding blacks killing other blacks almost daily here in the Nation's Capital.

  7. Lol and this up to date I'm glad I wasn't seen….this actually not good cause I seen a couple ppl faces I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want they face and whereabout on youtubz

  8. I wish Martin Luther King was alive things for the human race might be different today. God bless D.C. 🙏

  9. I’ve been living here for ova 20 yrs…. I was wondering when you would actually go to the “Bad neighborhoods” 😂

  10. Imagine if this neighborhood was 100% white, Korean or Japanese. It would be beautiful and expensive. Everything you people touch turns to shit.

  11. Its not no…Hood .Its where people live…This has to stop..Why is the focus Of life always based upon…Only ….Blacks in America…

  12. Chicago niggas would get blicked off brakes here claiming dat gang shit I just seen a fake gds get whooped on at a train station onmy muva just keep ya mouth close don't slip upon a project building and only ask the white ppl for directions or bus drivers niggas will set you up and older black folks in the trenches either high or got a attitude so don't even talk to the drunk unless you know how to fight..DC youngins got more money then every dirty Chicago nigga on here in real life.

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