Washington Commanders Top 3 Biggest Needs After The NFL Draft!

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  1. Ron loves to use that Zone coverage with the Buffalo nickel, the only way that works is when you get constant pressure on the QB, if receivers have 7 or 8 seconds to get open they WILL find a seam or soft spot in our zone. We need a better pass rush from our ends and backers

  2. Why does Washington continue to sign mediocre castoffs from other teams? As a life long former Redskin fan I am appalled at the fact the current Washington team has NO interest in competing much less winning … this is now just a sorry excuse for an expansion team called the ‘Commanders’ … pitiful. RIP Washington football …. The Skins are now officially dead.

  3. I really don't agree outside of LB, and maybe another Safety, depending on what spot Percy ends up fitting best, If he's going to the Nickel, some help at FS, if he's going to FS some help at Nickel.
    I think the best option left at LB is AJ Johnson, but Nick Kwiatoski could be a good cheap option.
    I would also love James Bradberry, even if it meant cutting WJ3, because JB is just a far better scheme fit, and Kendall Fuller was the best CB on our team, also cheaper, younger, and more versatile than WJ3 so he's gotta stay. We could definitely move some money on Allen and Roullier's contracts to get him in without messing with Terry's money and possibly keeping WJ3 also, if we're slick with the contracts. I think that would give us a great rotation and depth at CB with 4 strong CBs with JB, Fuller, WJ3, and BSJ. We'd have great matchup options with them Also.
    I also don't see Slot Corner as a need, because we play Nickel…. The Buffalo Nickel player is in the place of a slot CB.
    I wouldn't mind some depth there. Antoine Brooks JR from Maryland, who played for the Rams last year is a free agent and could be good. If Philly puts 6th rounder from last year JaCoby Stevens back on the Practice squad I think stealing him would be a great move, I really thought that guy could be like a Great Value version of JOK last year and he could really shine in the nickel with his coverage ability and ball skills as a former Safety and WR. I think Tanner Muse is another guy in that same vein if Seattle puts him back on the P.s.. Both could handle the run like Landon did with an upgrade in coverage and ball skills. Hopefully, though, Darrick Forrest can take a step up and find himself a role in the safety rotation somewhere, SS would be Ideal, if he could play SS at a reasonable level he'd free Kam up to move back to the Nickel and let us concentrate Percy at FS where his speed would be best used.
    I think we used a 2nd round pick on Mathis because we don't need to be paying our rotational DTs, Mathis along with Rotinmi, Bada, and Wise provide plenty of solid depth for the defensive interior too, Along with WBK, JSW, and Shaka Toney as Edge Depth. We want to be spending our money on our starters on the D-line, not on veteran depth. We have 4, possibly 5 guys with the addition of Mathis that have Elite potential in their Role on our D-line, we need to concentrate on trying to keep that together, not wasting an extra million hear or there for the 4th or 5th guy.
    I know "quality depth" sounds great on paper, but you do that cheaply through the draft or with undrafted role players, not established names that come with bigger price tags.

  4. I know this isn’t a popular opinion but I’ll take an ascending young inside linebacker like Jamin Davis over any of the retreads listed here. He struggled but that should have been expected considering he only started one year in college and was rushed in due to the injury to Jon Bostic.

    It looks like Ron and Del Rio have more faith in him than the fans or the media. I mean not signing a single free agent LB during the opening of free agency or not using one pick out of eight in the draft seems to indicate they still believe in him. I do too. This young man has off the charts measurables and some good film at Kentucky, he could be a monster in the middle and we could leave Holcomb where he has excelled ….on the outside

  5. I agree with your evaluation and assessment for the most part. On the Dline, I would like to see them pick up Akiem Hicks due to his position flex to play either DE or DT. Overall the DE position even without Chase is not in too bad of shape. Adding either Bradberry or Harris should not be too big a deal, lets's hope they get one of these guys. LB is the most thin and undertalented position on the team, which is a surprise considering the number of former NFL linebackers we have on the coaching staff. They need to pick up no less than one free agent at the LBer position, hopefully two. Klein would be a decent addition, but not leaps and bounds better than Mayo.

  6. For the life of me I can’t understand we have two coaches who are the leaders of the team. Both were LB’s in the NFL, yet we can’t find or refuse to draft and sign decent LB’s. Its becoming our Achilles heel.

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