1. I'm not really feeling the Jerseys at all. It looks like three different Teams in my opinion. If they made a few changes I think it would look dope. Remove the W off the black Helmet, add a stripe or two on all three of the Pants and use the W from their social media Profile Pictures on the new Helmet it would look so much better.

    For the white Uniform they should think about changing the colors it reminds me of the Arizona Cardinals for some reason. I think they should also add some color to the Socks as well. As for the name my favorite was the Redwolves it would have been perfect.

    The Redtails, Redspears and Redhawks were also pretty dope and I saw some incredible Uniform Concepts for those names. A few other names I thought would have been good were the Wolf Pack, Brigade, Alliance, District and Red Hogs.

    Good luck to the Washington Commanders.

  2. This owner cannot get it right. The mans an idiot who struck gold in communications. Apparently he thinks that makes him football smart, it doesn’t.

    Please report find this man guilty and forced to sell the team. He’s an idiot. That ruined this once historic franchise.

  3. These do not look like NFL Jerseys?!€#. They're WFL Jerseys, The WOK FOOTBALL LEAGUE. NFL MEN vs WFL Premadonnas. No NFL fan who loves and respects his country would ever have an interest in the WFL. My no longer viewing football was when Caperdich started having his temper tantrums. Do not miss it. I have discovered other interests I never realized. David

  4. I would've went with the "Redwolves" or "Redhawks" along with a banging logo for any one of the names mentioned. The away uniform and alternate uniform could use an upgrade

  5. Commanders fan here, 2 years for these uniforms? The only good uni is the home uni and its still missing a yellow mask. The away uniform is puzzling. Looks like a high school jersey, and the colors dont make sense. The away and black uniforms could be done so much better.

  6. They SUCK!!!! The name and uniforms is horrible. I played hair to the redskins as my son was being delivered. I am 51 years old so my youth was filled with us winning championships. I was a die hard fan just like all of my brothers and extended family. I can honestly say no one on my family pulls for this team now. The uniform and name change is just part of the reason. This owner has taken one of the most loyal fan bases and completely chased all of us off. I would rather pull for the cowboys than this team under this owner.

  7. I love the uniforms and the name is good. I think it could have been a lot worse so I'm happy with what we got. The logo on the front of the black helmet will look better with the new helmets. Looks odd on that helmet that is flat, but that's not the real helmet.

  8. as a redskins fan (yes i will still call them that) I think it’s terrible. we’re literally nicknamed the commies. the name is horrible and the uniforms match it. the only decent uni is the home jersey. if they absolutely HAD to change the name i wish they would just keep it as the washington football team. however i feel like being called “the commies” fits out situation and all the annoying drama right now

  9. When the season starts, and commanders is the name, my new NFL team will be the Chicago Bears the city I was born in. Joining my White Sox, Black Hawks and Bulls.

  10. I think I couldve come up with something better just using the Madden uniform editor. The home looks about the same as WFT but leaving out the gold was wrong, visitor unis are throw aways n reaching n the black are unimaginative and just a weak ploy to sell more swag

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