Washington Commanders: New era begins as Washington Football Team announces new name

After an 18-month-search the Washington Football Team has announced its new name: The Washington Commanders. STORY:

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  1. Shoudda went with DC Commanders. Washington is a misnomer that still relates them to the tasteless slur of Redskins. Besides, DC is much mo' cool. Missed opportunity to completely bury the hatchet here folks…pun intended!

  2. The washington who's, because the commander's name is garbage,I'm sure Commander Shepard would be happy with that name,on Mass Effect,but this football not some science fiction flick lol,this is why washington will keep being at home on the sofas watching the elite ball clubs year after year.This club needs to check their mental awareness, on where they are and what they are doing,people hate this name and they will lose money because of their stupid choice.

  3. Jason Wright named the nations capitals team name that will be chanted “commi’s and comrades”…..shows he was a diversity hire not a hire of merit….that rollout shows he and his diversity team were all over there heads …..go back to the HS level that’s rebranding schools

  4. They should have named it Washington Pigskins, design a logo with a wild boar and a football , the fans like calling them the hogs and skins anyway,

  5. Only in this area until 2027 Then they be Va Commandos Stadium we be in Prince William or Loundon county D.C. you didn't want them Mo county you didn't want them PG didn't want them DC. won't have a team in 27.

  6. Another Snyder screw up. It is not the name so much that I dislike, but the fact that only a “W” on the helmet. They could have at least come up with some kind of creative logo for this new team name. This makes me feel like Snyder has given up…just look at him at the revealing. He looks depleted and like he just does not care anymore. And if that is the case, then just sell the team, Dan. Do yourself and all of us a big favor, and wash your hands of the whole thing, and go sail for the rest of your life in the bahamas.

  7. So instead of representing Natives and honoring them, they choose the military of the nation that decimated their culture… what a joke. Commanders was already an AAF team name I believe; they needed to go after the Red Wolves or Redwolves name much harder. So many better choices fans would love:

    – Red Wolves

    – Redtails

    – Hogs

    – Redwolves

    – Tribe

    – WFT

  8. The District of Columbia, NOT THE STATE OF WASHINGTON… they put so much emphasis on Washington with the W where DC District of Columbia is our city , “commanders” does not relate to the District of Columbia…WASHINGTON “D.C” …smh

  9. Some idiot couldn’t spell “Commandos” properly. You can only have one “Commander” that’s Biden’s dog. WFT is now named after Biden’s stupid dog.😕

  10. This was so lazy. Name is terrible, jerseys look like generic madden "make a team" jerseys. The black jerseys look like the Steelers and the white like the Cardinals.

  11. Commanders? That much time to come up with a name and this is what you decided on? No wonder you aren’t that good. Not to much brain power in the management dept. , is there.

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