Washington Commanders DE Chase Young Believes He Will Be Ready For Week 1!

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  1. I think he’s had time to reflect on almost being out of the NFL. He appears to be shook by being out a years. God will set you down when you need to be checked.

  2. I think Chase is committed this season and I applaud his professionalism. I know I would've been completely distracted by her legs. 🦵

  3. Don’t rush it everybody is different…. RG3 tore his ACL and thought he was gon make a comeback like Adrian Peterson

  4. Assuming he shows up this year unlike last year. He’s still in Las Vegas partying for the draft what a week plus ago. Probably doing more chip and dip commercials. As you can tell, I was disappointed with his 2nd year work ethic and lack of syncing up the the Dline and defense. Ofc, my knowledge is solely based on what I’ve seen online. No I for behind the scenes. But I’m grumpy with him.

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