Washington Commanders: Daniel Snyder | New Sexual Harassment Allegations | Congressional Committee

As a father of two daughters, this makes my skin crawl…

Via ESPN: Former Washington Football employee Tiffani Johnston made new allegations against team owner Dan Snyder on Thursday at a roundtable before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, saying he placed his hand on her thigh without her consent at a team dinner and that he pushed her toward his limousine with his hand on her lower back.

“He left his hand on the middle of my thigh until I physically removed it,” Johnston said.

Describing the incident outside Snyder’s limousine, she said: “The only reason Dan Snyder removed his hand from my back and stopped pushing me towards his limo was because his attorney intervened and said, ‘Dan, Dan, this is a bad idea.’ … I learned that I should remove myself from Dan’s grip while his attorney was distracting him.”

The NFL said in a statement Thursday that it would investigate the new allegations against Snyder.

“The NFL is reviewing and will consider Ms. Johnston’s allegations as we would any other new allegations regarding workplace misconduct at the Washington Commanders. We will determine any further action as appropriate,” the league said in the statement. “Today’s testimony underscores that all employees deserve a workplace that is free from harassment of any kind and where they feel safe reporting misconduct.”

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