Washington Commanders: Daniel Snyder | New Sexual Harassment Allegations | Congressional Committee

As a father of two daughters, this makes my skin crawl…

Via ESPN: Former Washington Football employee Tiffani Johnston made new allegations against team owner Dan Snyder on Thursday at a roundtable before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, saying he placed his hand on her thigh without her consent at a team dinner and that he pushed her toward his limousine with his hand on her lower back.

“He left his hand on the middle of my thigh until I physically removed it,” Johnston said.

Describing the incident outside Snyder’s limousine, she said: “The only reason Dan Snyder removed his hand from my back and stopped pushing me towards his limo was because his attorney intervened and said, ‘Dan, Dan, this is a bad idea.’ … I learned that I should remove myself from Dan’s grip while his attorney was distracting him.”

The NFL said in a statement Thursday that it would investigate the new allegations against Snyder.

“The NFL is reviewing and will consider Ms. Johnston’s allegations as we would any other new allegations regarding workplace misconduct at the Washington Commanders. We will determine any further action as appropriate,” the league said in the statement. “Today’s testimony underscores that all employees deserve a workplace that is free from harassment of any kind and where they feel safe reporting misconduct.”

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  1. The NFL is protecting its own. simple as that. They know Snyder isnt the only one doing this. and any type of legislation will hurt the shield. They also know if Synder goes down, hes taking others with him.

  2. I really hope he loses control of this team. The fans of D.C deserve much better because they Still love this franchise even after all the hell they've been through the last 2 decades. Someone needs to force him out

  3. Well, if true, Snyder needs to be accountable for his womanizing and sexual advances. Now let's have the 4 or more CNN employees accountable. 2 pedophiles, 1 bar grouper and 1 home wrecker, amongst other things get smacked around and punished.

  4. How is it possible, that Dan Snyder has the power to veto releasing the documents? Isn't that the fox guarding the hen house? If that was agreed upon with Roger Goodell, then that just shows the main issue with NFL owners and the commissioner. That being the owners control who is the commissioner, he works for them. The NFL is really looking bad lately, with the treatment of minorities and females and how that is being policed. I thought with the antitrust exemptions the NFL enjoys, there would be more transparency required. Congress really needs to look into this.

  5. While I agree 💯 with the Snyder hate Im also kinda annoyed with these lame old allegations…Feels like these ladies are on a serious money grab.. Get over it! "Dan put his hand on my leg 13 years ago..but I worked for him 8 years afterwards" These women are making themselves a stereotype and using this to define their life and legacy..

  6. I don't believe Snyder was personally involved but he left the culture to people like Bruce Allen and Vinnie C, Those two I could easily see allowing such shenanigans or participating in this type of crap. I would love it if Snyder can be forced out just because of the play on the field. But I have have serious doubts on Snyder's active participation.

  7. He has completely ran this team into the ground completely and now that he changed the name to the commanders , which is just as dumb as Dan Snyder himself . Either I have to move on to the 49ers of just quit watching NFL period

  8. We will have to look into Tiffany scorby's (Johnson) allegations. She is previously on record saying she had never met or spoken to Mr Snyder until fight night where she rejected his invite to the after party. Now we are learning that she was sitting at the table now with him, which is odd as we know she attended fight night in a working capacity. She is full of shit and it's cringey listening to all the male feminists gobbling this shit up. They have a little bit of confidence now and support is all and scorby is using that to throw this extra shit in like we haven't been following the story. No Victims Just Volunteers

  9. Washington fans stay wishing this man would leave and yet time and time again it doesn’t happen, I wish you guys would focus on something else because clearly he’s not going anywhere.

  10. I love the way he tries to downplay it by saying it's historic. All in the past guys, move on. I really hope this is the beginning of the end for him.

  11. This issue will not go away as long as Daniel M Synder remains in place. The Synder family has to be stripped of it’s ownership of this franchise and removed from the NFL, period.

  12. I’m sorry but we had to get rid of our powerful, historic, and passionate name, when we really should get rid of our scummy, worthless, and sexist owner. We will never be thought as a positive and strong organization until Dan Snyder is forced out. He single handedly ruined my favorite team that I have the greatest memories of previous to him. If we can do it with the Clippers, we can do it with Washington.

  13. This team is literally and I mean literally an absolute laughing stock in all the sports world. The fucking Commies. This team is a joke and I feel so bad for it’s fan base because idk how they got so unlucky so have such a trash franchise.. and in the end it all starts with this piece of shit. PLEASE FORCE HIM TO SELL THE TEAM!

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