VoP Presents… Frankensteins of Pennsylvania, PART 1 | Promethean: the Created 2E



Will Pottorff –

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  1. Delighted to discover that the group behind my beloved Haunted City have more stuff that I can watch

  2. Anyone from the future after watching Blades, that wants to skip character creation, role-play starts at 1:37:23 and Abu join's next week, mwah!

  3. Aren't Galetains supposed to be attractive and not repulsive like Frankensteins…?

  4. Disquiet? WTF? That's shit your pants terrifying…I don't know if they have a roll for that…😳😁🤣

  5. I love Josephine's character choices. Pint-Sized-Powerhouse is such a fun character type, and doll-stuff always creeps me out.

  6. As a Pittsburgh resident, I love all of your content set in this beautiful state. Or commonwealth, excuse me.

  7. My life would be demonstrably worse without Ross role-playing every-week. So happy to see him on here. And Josephine is amazing as per.

  8. Woohoo! Finally, we get to see the Prometheans. This is awesome. I love the fact that despite being reanimated corpses, Abu Josephine and Ross all managed to make completely different creatures from their inspirations. This campaign is going to be absolutely wild and I'm so excited to see how these three meet up and what kind of obstacles end up in their way.

  9. First of all great Musical and Visual Intro… And Great Character Gen Session! Can't wait for more!

  10. Just about to start this. I'm very excited for this. Jerry Garcia was obsessed with Frankenstein.

  11. Jo's creepy doll voice will haunt ALL of our dreams. It's like Chuckie meets the kid from Pet Sematary.

  12. I bought this game years ago from me local shop, have read it but now I really want to play it. It's such a fascinating concept and what horrid monsters these players have created!

  13. I have a feeling Miss Mary Rose would beat the crap out of Chucky a.k.a. Charles Lee Ray from "Child's Play".

  14. I love this and am really interested in seeing the upcoming episode. I also like how the little doll is the bruiser.

  15. It's crazy how Jo's character's level of horrifying-ness just escalates.
    And then they start playing and it's even worse.


  16. Jared, what causes your voice and picture to be slightly out of sync? I’m not used to that on Stream of Blood

  17. Great session. These creations are freaky as all hell. Looking forward to the triumvirate meeting and the sweet, sweet chaos to ensue.

  18. What is happening with Blood & Blades? I remember that Jared said the show will return after the summer.

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