Is Washington State all hippies and homeless people? Not even close. This state is very diverse, with a large gay population, and a conservative base on its eastern side.

In this video, we discuss everything from the Starbucks culture to bigfoot sightings, and the sports scene. Washington is a ver diverse state with Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane offering a wide variety of people.

We also talk about the music scene in Washington and what type of food Washington residents eat.


Our goal is to combine recent data, fun videos, and thoughts about local culture into bite-sized snacks of shareable information. We call it bite-sized regional infotainment. We try to paint a picture of what’s happening in a region based on “Friday Night Science” — how’d you argue at a bar. To do that, we gather data from around the web to help determine a wide array of factors about where you live, things like safety, desirability, and culture.

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  1. I'm the odd Atheist out who believes the church is a better place to be on a Sunday than a coffee shop….lol! I guess with old age comes wisdom though. Because the more I see people I see leaving the church, the more I see a country in decline. Atheism isn't for everyone and some people need the church. Not to mention the fact that a lot of great things came from Christian philosophy… So preach on, I stand with you way more than I do the Left.

  2. If you move here I welcome you. Pick up your trash and respect my home.
    Do what's best for Wa. Preserve it.
    Don't ask what Wa can do for you.
    What can you do for Wa.
    Born and raised in Wa.
    Sad to see out of staters literally destroying this state.
    Mostly Californians.

  3. Seattle named the new hockey arena ‘Climate Pledge Arena’. In the good old days it was Key Arena, home of the SuperSonics. Thanks to the Socialists ,Seattle is a garbage dump! 👎

  4. As a spokanite, I can confirm there are many republicans. And, in Spokane it is quite green. Riverfront is a beautiful place. I have never once seen a tumbleweed or a cowboy, and Seattle is more expensive than Spokane. Oh yeah, and also I've never seen a volcano, tornado, or earthquake while living here.

  5. Trump signs get torn down in Spoklahoma too!! Spokane's cost of living just literally doubled in price… with a 1% vacancy rate for rentals. Landlords just jacked up rent by 600 bucks a month while Seattle folks sell their shacks to pay cash for a mediocre 70 y.o. rancher style home for 500K. Go Huskies!!!!

  6. I live in Washington state, born here. I hate the seahawks. I don't mind the earth quakes, been through more than a few of them and even slept through one. I do how ever hate the rain.

  7. I worked on construction jobs in the Seattle and Tacoma area from 1985 to 2019 and found the liberals (who supposedly care about the working man) in Seattle sneer at construction workers. They really are
    a bunch of hateful snobs.

  8. Tacoma is usually just called Tacoma except for a few who call it TacTown. The so called homeless problem is a drug problem caused by non existent law enforcement which is encouraged by the liberals. Tacoma is a lot cheaper than Seattle and more relaxed except for the traffic (again no law enforcement). If you are retired move to a smaller town like Winlock (Egg Day!). Eastern Washington is arid and has less forest and is cheaper. Drugs are
    A probl there too. The Space Needle had a lot of repair work done about 20 years ago (mostly welding up cracks in the structural steel). Probably OK but in an earthquake?.
    I moved to Tacoma from Federal Way two years ago and pay about a third less rent (995.00 a month for a decent one bedroom apt. With off-street parking and a view of My Rainier. The people in Tacoma seem to be much, much nicer than in Seattle and the place still has a 50's feel.

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