UFOs loom as a national security threat over Washington

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report into unidentified aerial phenomena — or UFOs — highlights what could be possible threats to US airspace. Former intelligence and security officials help break down how UFOs pose a national security risk. #CNN #News


  1. Open border allowing aliens in from all over the world at 100.000+ every month and these dimwits are worried about space aliens…

  2. Why the alarm? They have been taking instructions from these fallen angels for decades. They need to stop pretending. Speak truth for once. Oops! But they cannot because their father the devil is the father of lies.

  3. Anti-gravity vehicles the US has had for many years. They are lying to you. Free energy exists they just won't give it to the public.

  4. By the movement one can clearly understand that if these are real at all, they have anti gravity tech with them.

  5. Radar jamming technology has been around for 70 years. Even the least technological militaries have it.

  6. That's convenient, at 3:14, they cut the audio of pilot right as he says IT'S A DRONE, LOOK THERE'S A BUNCH OF THEM RIGHT OVER THERE…

  7. By the time you're reading this Talibans might have killed me and many of our countrymen! All we want from you guys is keep posting #SanctionPakistan for exporting and sponsoring and training terrorists. Use these hashtags in your social media. Remember you don't need to be an Afghan to support Afghanistan, you just need to be a human.
    Help us get our freedom!

  8. These videos go back so far, if they wanted to hurt us they would have long done it by now. Sounds like they are curious about what we are up to, like watching ants work in an ant farm. We are probably really cute to them.

  9. Threat? Its exist thousands years. Hoax, fake alien attack, oh Cnn, its an old joke. Let see how many ppl do u will kill

  10. Why do aliens not celebrate Christmas?

    Because they don't wanna give away their presence.
    Credit for the joke goes to dude perfect

  11. Once marijuana is legalized, CNN will have a vast pool of space observers to interview who have telepathically communicated with these entities, as well as expanded it's viewership of chip eating zombies that watch cutting edge journalism 24/7.

  12. The first step is to fully accept that contact has started. There are other intelligent races and they are here now. Get your head around it quick bc its true! The most plausible, believable and actually spiritually uplifting explanation as to what it means is at allies of humanity

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