Two SWAT officers shot in Spanaway, Washington | FOX 13 Seattle

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said two SWAT officers were shot in Spanaway Tuesday afternoon. FOX 13 reporter Hana Kim was first on scene, and shares everything we know right now.

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  1. Really? Either they shot themselves with bb's or they were looking for a promotion street cred. Remember, cops are bigger actors, and criminals, than criminals.
    I love YouTube.

  2. If they don't tell you the ethnicity of the shooter he is black. The news wants to keep the narrative that cops only shoot black people and black people never shoot cops.

  3. I am so saddened by The death Of Dom!! He was a great soldier and a great man!! I had the honor of working with this great man in the WSNG.At the 205th rti!! Rest in peace my brother!! And I pray for a speedy recovery fir the other officer!.

  4. This is an all too common outcome to these types of operations.. There has got to be a better way to nab these dirt bags. Jump him when he's walking the dog or fake a car accident to get him out in the open and unarmed .

  5. It takes balls of steel to lead a team through a door with an armed criminal on the other side!!!!!
    Speedy recovery officers….
    I back the blue…
    I appreciate you holding the blue line for us all……

  6. Here is what I see after 2:16. No reason stated for the swat team to be there. No info on how the swats were shot. No reason on why the whole Seattle PD was called to the scene. I can assume the swat team was there over a parking fine, 1 ounce of maryjane, or a small amount of money owed to IRS, the Internal Robbery Scam. Maybe the local donut shop frequented by the police was robbed and donuts were stolen.

  7. 🙏🙏🙏prayers going out for all officers who were injured in this and LORD JESUS CHRIST Protect the other officers who are following up on this for the evil ones will be caught

  8. People saying defund the Police are the ones who 10/10 Are the ones who call them to begin with. So who you going to call if/when you see your child getting beaten up/ bullied? Who you going to call if someone breaks into your house when your not home and steals all your stuff? Or if your car gets broken into? Y’all just going to take the loss? Nope I bet y’all think your going to bring your guns and hunt people down y’all’s self cause you’ve been watching them Law shows on Netflix? SMH! Dorkfishes and y’all smoking crack to believe the Police will ever be Defunded. That’s saying Defund the Military. stupid to think that. Like y’all think Soldiers are innocent? Seriously they more screwed up then cops and that’s Brutal honesty. Anyone who disagrees, clearly don’t know Anything.

  9. This really is suprising. This was a SWAT operation. How in the world did the officer end up in a position to be shot ? It must have been poorly planned. No offense to the officer's but this must be very rare in a SWAT operation.

  10. Shooting police should be mandatory death sentence. Carried out within 48 hours of conviction.

  11. I was stuck in the middle of this yesterday; my prayers to the officers.

  12. The Mercenary Brutal Martial Arts action by former FFL 2 REP Sniper now on Amazon prime ……………..

  13. Awesome news! I root for the criminals now! Hope they have to live w their injuries for the rest for their lives and they think about what they did. They effed around and found out. There are no good cops, least of all these swatters, they’re the real criminals

  14. Woman will drive you to go crazy nowadays, its not even about compasion and love anymore, its all about who has more controle over the other

  15. This is happening way too frequently now! There needs to be more extreme punishment for convicted violent criminals and mandatory death penalty for cop killers or attempt killers!!!

  16. This is just the kind of thing the Democrats like hearing, injured and dead cops make them happy.

  17. Thanks to our corrupt judges releasing all criminals with only misdemeanor charges every time these scum are arrested

  18. That's what happens with these attacks. Swat seems to want to attack people and wonder why it goes so wrong…. Maybe a different approach would improve these interactions.

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