Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Pennsylvania | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Trump travels to Acova, Penn. to hold a Make America Great Again campaign rally.

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Watch live: Trump holds campaign rally in Pennsylvania


  1. It amazes me the guy with the packed rallies lost to someone who barely had any guests at his rally (Yes, Rally, as in singular)

  2. Biden, Trump and most of them are DIVIDING (and thus DESTROYING) the United States of America: That's TREASON and those who "vote" for them are accomplices.

    We all know the punishment for TREASON. Uphold and enforce the ratified Bill of Rights. PATRIOTS, do your duty. Americans, be American. Unite the UNITED States of America

  3. Go look at all the Trump rallies across pennsylvania. So many cities with thousands of supporters. No way he lost this state

  4. Look closely, and you'll see President Trump using a TeleStepper teleprompter, made here in the good old USA!

  5. Look at all those fake news back there. Send your jobs overseas. Your second amendment is under threat. Drain the swamp. Eliminate your factories.What a Stupid President repeating the same stuff wherever he goes. Boring monotonous speeches.

  6. Donald Trump Rally's are like going to sleep with the Holy Bible audio on so comforting WE LOVE YOU SAYS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OUR PREESIDENT BEST EVER DONALD J TRUMP

  7. Herr president fals seit oder not china seit wie bis jetzt ist gut oder. Ich möchte gut seite schon viele gearbeiten ich will gut seit bye bye danke

  8. What a snot ! How can someone like Trump happen in our ally America ? The beacon of democracy ?🤨🤔🤨

  9. Impeach President Trump or not. He gave us hope during a very dark time and he gave us all energy. Just look at his rallies.

  10. we love Donald Trump, he protects us and we protect him, such a great President, they are beiing mean to him and its all wrong to do, Joe Biden is the evil and corruption is his game illuminati and voter mail fraud and groper and out of it, yeah we love Donald J Trump, he is who all of us voted for, its just a fantasy for joe

  11. It is scary, the similarities between Hitlers movement and the Trump cult. I’m watching this documentary on Hitlers rise to power, how he swayed the masses and thrived on the adulation from the crowds. And even on this eve of a new year he continues to deride democracy. And promotes conspiracy theories. Wake up America.

  12. This is a evil Joe Biden against one of the best Presidents ever, a great man , honest and trustworthy, our corrupt government is not his style but he is fighting for us cause he see's how corrupt it is and they do nothing but destroy us and themselves and now afer joe biden and hunter biden stole from the government 4.1 trillion dollars, criminals, evil against good, very good our President fighting for us Donald Trump our government is evil

  13. These idiots screaming drain the swamp and this guy is the biggest con artist in this history, but don't worry we fired this con artist lol.. We drained the biggest swamp lol.. Get lost Maga chuds.

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