Trevor Noah's full set at the White House correspondents’ dinner

Trevor Noah headlined the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on April 30 after a two-year pause due to the pandemic. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. I am so glad that nobody rushed to the stage/pulpit to thank Trevor Noah after the man-grilling job he did. Thanks America for creating a platform for Trevor Noah/South Africa/Continent of Africa to shine.

  2. The woky funny guy that shares bed with the leftist. Ya. The one who supports freedom but for the top dogs(he's in every picture with them). Remember the movie Firm, Trevor? You're just the secretary there. No spine in you.

    Know the sad "Hebrews v. Hebrews War" by Fanatic Zecharia v.
    SANHENDRIN: "AVOID WAR with ROME", Leading to
    Jerusalem and Temple Destruction.

    Next 2000-Yrs of humiliations-pogroms on LANDLESS-HEBREWS.
    Then, the 1922 UN(LON) time-invariant Law and Maps:
    "Palestine is homeland of the Jewish Nation",
    also signed into law by US President.

    Then Hebrew Donation of half of this right to "Palestinians"
    by accepting UN-1947 "TWO-STATES SOLUTION",
    rejected by Palestinians and by 7-Arab-Nations invading the
    1948-founded State of Israel, all lost, and ousted from Palestine.

    by UN "Cease-Fire-Marked-Line", CFML, Except for Jordan,
    which was allowed to occupy Jerusalem and Its "WEST-BANK"
    until ousted too by the Six-Day, 1967-War,
    starting by ousting from its "Fortified Ammunition Hill".

    There, today, is a museum to respect those who had paid
    with their life to Free Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
    from Jordanian Occupation.///

  4. What difference does it make how many shots fired? Black Criminals killed as a result of police performing their duty does not = innocent victim. Black Community owes US explanation: over six decades We the People invested wealth of nation to ensure civil rights; quality living conditions, nutritional food, educational opportunity at all levels, adequate medical care = BLM/Segment of Black Community create counter culture – totally, ungrateful, irreprehensible, abomination

  5. You got a guarantee that you wouldn't be arrested IF you don't call out Biden and his dealings with his son in Ukraine or how he has the FBI in his back pocket, or how he likes to smell little girls..
    However, was a very funny skit. good job.

  6. Haven't you betrayed Donald Trump enough?

    "Our Enemy is always the Leader Science?"..

    "It's stop torturing Trump, Prisoners who report the news" -Thanks..

    Realizing, recognizing, understanding, knowing, and remembering how you truly are a willing participant in the true devil's hell on earth, and understanding how the government betrays everybody sensibly, practically, and realistically, for your own good.

    I'm giggling as I still have to be here Science?.. (Scott's Dad is Dead, and you're Rusty) – YouTube

    (Please see Description Area).

  7. Thugs surrounding Father of Thugs, eyes full of Blood these bastards Californian Journalists. Would they speak against Thugs Black Obama as they speak against Trump, they won't. It would sell their Family.

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