Travis Pastrana's Full Record Run at 2021 Mt. Washington Hillclimb

Subaru Motorsports USA driver, Travis Pastrana, set a new record of 5 minutes 28.67 seconds at the 2021 Mt. Washington Hillclimb on the way to an overall event victory at the wheel of the Airslayer STI, his 862-horsepower Gymkhana 2020 Subaru WRX STI.

The new mark cut more than sixteen seconds from his winning time from the 2017 running of the event up the narrow, steep and treacherous 7.6-mile Mt. Washington Auto Road. Pastrana blitzed the mountain to set a time that was over 45 seconds ahead of the second-fastest competitor.

The Mt. Washington Hillclimb, traditionally held every three years, is one of the most challenging motorsport events in the United States and the oldest hillclimb in North America. In addition to its long history, the tallest mountain on the East Coast brings famously unpredictable weather and a mixed-surface road, forcing drivers to contend with grip levels that shift suddenly from tarmac to gravel and back again in the middle of the climb. With an average grade of 12% and an uneven surface bounded by serious drops above the treeline, Mt. Washington requires courage, skill and the right equipment for the challenge.

The highly developed aero package on the Airslayer STI provided a significant downforce advantage against the 600-horsepower WRX STI rally car used by Pastrana to set the 2017 mark. Along with a significant power bump, major suspension advancements and an ultra-light curb weight, the Airslayer was tailor-made for the wide-open mentality of hillclimbs. Still, the level of commitment displayed by Pastrana on the record run meant huge entertainment for the thousands of fans who lined the road at the spectator points along the roadway.

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  1. Is that speedometer in mph or kph? still impressive Iam just trying to wrap my around it, he was doing 130 in some spots.

  2. This is scary…. I've been to the top twice on motorcycle and putting along 20-30 MPH made me nervous….a lot of that narrow rode has no guard rails and just off the side the dropoff is so high you're looking at the top of trees…the left side of that gravel section has a huge dropoff… for a short while I thought I might like going the day of this race to watch and then realized I'd be so nervous worrying I wouldn't enjoy it….thanks for the video..

  3. Not impressed. Any European rally driver has more impressive onboard videos than this one, and I emphasize… anyone. that track is sooooooo easy.

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