Top 10 worst towns in Pennsylvania. #2 is a great story

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.Top 10 worst towns in Pennsylvania. #2 is a great story.

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  1. Lmao Darby is not more violent than philly and I lived in both. Because of how close it is to philly (you can literally walk) most of the crime is coming from Philly lol

  2. Much of PA became too dependant on railroad and coal. Has beautiful rolling hills near Central PA. Keys to living here may include prepping, minimalist living, diy skills from adult tech classes. Plus a sense of sometimes less is more ☯️🙏

  3. I can agree that Shamokin is a lousy place to live, because I used to live there. There are many decent paying jobs nearby, but yet many people prefer state assistance. People are so inconsiderate here, that drivers will block a major street waiting in line just to get their orders. Smoke shoots out from the surrounding mountains because of mine fires.

  4. Honorable mentions I made up
    Uniontown -too many ghettos, I know cause I live here
    Brownsville -abandoned and depressing

  5. Technically, there's only one town in PA. Bloomsburg, PA. The rest are cities, boroughs, townships, etc. But Bloomsburg is the only town. 🙂

  6. It’s not Mifflin pa it’s West Mifflin, The west part of it is significant because there’s no Mifflin it’s West Mifflin

  7. Ok….houses around johnstown goes for 20k where are they at on the list????? Hahaha crime is up… schools are ass..

  8. You clearly have never been to NEPA, since you left that entire section of the state out of your video, and it's a complete mess.

  9. I’m from Aliquippa – ironically you have a clip of MWAA on there, which is our crappy water authority. We are on the news for it every few weeks, and the same researchers who worked with Flint are working with us now.

  10. Sadly, the poisoning of the ground water by the 'Fracking' industry, enabled by corrupt politicians are rendering vast areas of our Commonwealth uninhabitable. The catastrophic poisoning of our air and streams by sinister forces of the gas and oil industry are destroying vast swaths of the good land, essentially unregulated. Shame on the utterly corrupt PA Legislature and Courts.

  11. What is it with this guy….this "blows"…that "sucks"…"kick your ass"
    Stooping to the intellectual level of the locals.

  12. Strange how so many of them are in Western PA. I live in Berks County, PA. Not a bad place to live. Definitely not perfect, but compared to these places, it seems like paradise!

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  14. Upper Darby, born and raised here and I can say, his assessment is 100% correct. I live here and I carry a taser on me when I go out to get the mail. My neighbor a couple doors down was arrested a few weeks ago and another went before him. Summary, don't move to Darby, especially not Upper Darby.

  15. Sometimes I come home in the country from Harrisburg and come through Steelton to avoid the traffic. Steelton's just plain awful–they should take a bulldozer to it all.

  16. i'm from the commonwealth of PA. the motto should be, "if you're not wealthy, we have nothing in common", wait that should be every states, or commonwealths motto…sorry the wealthy are just weird.

  17. That state need to disappear off the Map man that state is sooooooooo bad there is not even one good thing in it , that's Britain not America at all

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