TOP 10 Reasons why YORK PENNSYLVANIA is the WORST city in the US!

Don’t move to York, Pennsylvania. Seriously. Let us tell you why..

York is a city in southern Pennsylvania. Downtown, the Historical Society Museum displays fine art, furniture and tall-case clocks. Nearby is the Victorian-era Bonham House. The Agricultural and Industrial Museum explores the city’s farming and manufacturing past. The Colonial Complex includes a mid-1700s home, a courthouse and the Golden Plough Tavern. The area’s vineyards are part of the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail. ― Google

#YORK #PENNSYLVANIA #TOP10 I don’t know if you need to hear this, but:

These lists are not intended to be used for making life changing decisions. They are just another look at the city. I present both good and bad points of view on this channel. I don’t just make videos that are negative. There are positive videos on the channel too, check them out. They are made from statistical sources made available by government agencies as well as first hand resident experiences. If you are happy living here, I am happy for you. No need to send me death threats.


  1. Yep, York is pretty terrible. Grew up here, went to Florida for college, moved back after having a child, and it has gone downhill so much in the past 10 years. People trying to save it will have to work tirelessly to bring York to a safe and friendly place in the modern world

  2. Dont ever move here it’s like moving to hell 😂 I’m trying to get out stuck on probation I live here all my life so I guess I was raised in hell

  3. Lol I’ve lived in York almost my entire life, still do. And I’ll agree it’s not the greatest, but not the worst in the U.S like look at Baltimore, my dad works there as a cop and let me tell you I’ve been to Baltimore once. I’m never going back, it’s awful. So yeah, York is not the greatest at all but not the worst.

  4. Coming from someone who has lived in York for 20 years and is no big fan, this video is ridiculous. It’s embellished and dramatic…

  5. It’s all the hood wannabes and shootings on queen st and shit, I lived in Thomasville and had the option of paying higher rent in Hanover for the sake of living peacefully and not having my car stolen or broken into, and also robbed. York’s rent is like 300-500/month in those areas but I’ll take 800-1000 for some safety and peace. York can keep its wannabe gangbangers and disease ridden hookers standing on the corner in broad daylight.

  6. I was born in Etna. I absolutely love Pennsylvania. I miss it so much. My grandma owned a bar with her best friend called Darlynes. Now it’s called the Rustic Lantern. There are apartments above the bar and me, my mom and grandparents lived up there. My great grandma lived about a mile from there. My grandparents sold the bar when I was pretty young and we all moved to phoenix Arizona. I miss Pittsburgh so much. I miss the history, old churches, just all of it. Every summer until I was in around 7th grade we drove to Etna to see my great grandmother. I walked everywhere with my friends and God sisters. There’s just something that feels like home anytime I hear or think about anywhere in Pennsylvania. Maybe someday I can visit there. I miss it. Oh and you want to talk about hot summers, try living in phoenix with 114 degree summer days. Everywhere has its good and bad. 💕💕💕💕 But I have family that live in York and this video is just not very good information. Like I said, everywhere has its good and bad. 🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠

  7. Why you to not start in York City is beyond me the notary issue it's just not York that's Statewide that's the law the first capital United States where you're talkin about we have a lot of pride in this town

  8. The notary you speak of that is state law it just isn't just for York the first capital United States it's what you talkin about here a lot of us have pride you obviously have not been in York at all

  9. I moved to York pa from New York particularly born in harlem and moved to York from Brooklyn. York is cleaner cheaper and help out a little more but York sucks

  10. Born and raised here. The blight you speak of isn’t from neglect it’s from lack of funding and long term poverty/systematic racism. York Pa is one of the number 1 heroin epidemics in the city and isn’t neglected rather than unheard and unhelped. The school districts are actually above average for almost every school in the district and one is a blue ribbon high school. Inner city york is where the crime, drug abuse, and drop outs are conclusive. Again, it’s due to serious issues outside of people just not fixing the area. Maybe some more understanding of what’s the cause would help. This goes for literally every city there’s a history there that is overlooked which leads to York Pa. Gentrification isn’t always a good thing either lol. While this isn’t a full on city like Philly or the burgh and middle class Americans do go here to die 😂 it’s still a place that deserves more respect and understanding

  11. " No happy place in the middle" well there is that 2 weeks of days spread out over like a month every spring and fall. as for the bad streets just avoid streets named after trees and those immediately adjacent. As for the crime that is the too little too late approach of the out of touch but more competent than the last one police commissioner who would rather cry about a murder and mollycoddle the population than a crackdown on the problems and the idiot of the mayor(who is somehow better than his predecessor) and city council, that last part is all a testament to the people comment that is more true then advertised in the majority of cases, while there are good level headed people living in the city they are so few they don't have any driving force. the school problem is also a big contributing factor to this. The higher scoring schools are out of the city and most of those graduates stay out of the city or work in places like the county buildings or the hospital that happen to be in the city. For transparency, I was born, grew up, and still live in york city and went to city schools up to high school.

  12. Lived here for over year and I'm from Pittsburgh and this city is trash ..the downtown is like 2 blocks of ok stuff… the food is trash the people are ignorant as far as weather im use to this but this is definitely where the middle class go to die miserably

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