Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Seattle, Washington

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Seattle, Washington and the worst things you NEED to know about moving to Tacoma or Spokane instead

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What’s it like living in Seattle? Well first off, it’s almost always raining and it’s located on an isthmus between the beautiful Pudget Sound and Lake Washington. The weather here is pretty temperate, but it is overcast and cloudy for 9 months out of the year. In contrast, it’s actually really nice in the Summer. It’s actually the largest city in Washington, and along with Spokane, Tacoma, Portland, and other Pacific Northwest towns, one of the best cities to live in America. A lot of people are moving from California and all over to the Emerald City, making it one of the fastest growing and most expensive cities in the United States. If the Evergreen State has the best economy with lots of tech jobs, why shouldn’t you live in Seattle, WA?

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all enjoy the Seattle and have a great weekend 🙂 Can we hit 500 LIKES to do Portland?! In all honesty, Seattle is an amazing city, and I always love visiting in the Summer 🙂
    What place do YOU want me to make a video about NEXT?!

  2. Traffic is inevitable in most large cities. Living in Los Angeles, it could take an hour to go 5 miles on the 405. High cost of living is also inevitable. I live in small town that's cheap to live and we hardly have anything to do, no good places to eat, and it's just overall boring. Homelessness is everywhere now. Even in my small town, there are homeless camps everywhere. Unfortunately, that's the way things are now.

  3. I can understand most of the list, but as someone planning to move to Seattle, I have to challenge the notion of the “Seattle Freeze”. I’ve never had issues talking to new people. They are all really welcoming and friendly.

  4. You gotta be on guard here. You can't be walking down the side walk looking at your phone. Hammers bricks and dumpster fires pop out of no where

  5. I want to move so bad! I'll be so happy if I was somewhere else. If you want to be homeless this is your city! Gotta be rich or rich!

  6. I live in the Eastern EU and always fascinates me that every time big USA city is mentioned, there is always stories about drug needles, people shitting on the streets, and stuff like that. Is that going over the top for dramatic effect or is it really that bad? It just confuses me. Apartments in those big cities can go for millions of dollars, but they can not keep the streets clean. Just seems bizzare.

  7. Watching this right after moving to Seattle. Some of these are things I like or are ok with like rainy cloudy weather but everything being so expensive and the homelessness problem makes me a little wary. I guess I understand the Seattle freeze cause I'm not sure yet if I will be staying. I'm hopeful but skeptical about living here, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Maybe I'll be able to get a decent job to live comfortably, it helps that right now I'm living with roommates but eventually I hope to get my own place even if it's a small apartment.

  8. It’s not the place to move today if you appreciate cleanliness, support of your local business, safety etc. Tents literally everywhere, feces on the street, seeing people openly doing drubs or crapping on the curb. This guy just said Pudget sound…it’s pu as in puget pu-get sound. Not pudget. 😂😂😂

  9. His description of Seattle sounds like he is describing my city, Stockholm in Sweden 🤔
    (Beside we don't have mountains or volcanos)

  10. bruh… have you ever even been to seattle? bc it's literally the bomb. i'd like a local to make a vid like this. then i'd actually listen. like i get that there are a lot of flaws, but there are sooo many pros. i'm so homesick for seattle rn. if your able to, i would highly recommend moving there.

  11. He’s on point , Seattle is not what is used to be. We are third worse traffic in the nation. There is only 2 freeways and one toll bridge. Real Estate is close to LA prices, rent is through the roof. and sales tax, property tax are very high. Not to mention the homeless problem.

  12. Moved out last year when the goof ball mayor gave the keys to the city to terrorist groups blm & antifa. So long s*ckers!

  13. Ok hold up, you can slam about the weather all you want here but I'll take the overcast with drizzle over the sweltering heat in the south. Also we have the best summers in the entire country. your top 10 is not correct. there are 3 reasons that I look at as negatives.
    1. It is very expensive to live here
    2. The roads need a lot of work
    3. I-5 traffic sucks
    The reason why there is so many bad drivers here is because all these knuckle heads moving here from other areas of the country who can't drive. It's literally a melting pot here. If you remove of those people and just have born Seattleites driving then it would be good.

  14. Holy shit this guy's voice is cringe-inducing. Also, more than half of these "negatives" are not negatives at all.

  15. I’m born and raised in Seattle and totally agree with this top 10. It’s true Seattleites have the ‘freeze’. It’s because we are passive aggressively discouraging people in moving here. 😂 I hear Phoenix, AZ is a great place to live. 😉

  16. Where our Governor just hired a pimp and not only allows a little segregated society, but praised its divisiveness. No thanks, I'll visit Florida, where they have a real Governor who actually believes in law and order and walks what he talks. I hear Jenny Durkan talk and all I hear is the Peanuts mumbler

  17. Washington doesn't know how to drive . My car has been hit 2 times as a parked car and 1 on freeway . Over $16,000 in damages. Get off the Adderall and coffee and learn how to pay attention without drugs .

  18. me being from Seattle this guy talking about how bad Seattle is then he pronounces pugit wrong… oh he really has never been here.

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