Pennsylvania was the second state to be founded in 1787 just 5 days after Delaware was declared and as a result, the keystone state is steeped in history from the cracking of the liberty bell to the Battle of Gettysburg. Thanks to the sprawling Appalachian mountains, Pennsylvania is truly a beautiful place to visit. We have 7 major league professional sports teams represented here, so for you football, baseball, basketball and hockey fans, we’ve got you covered, not to mention were home to middleswarth chips, periogies, and yeungling lager. There are so many wonderful reasons to love and live in the Keystone State but like everywhere its not all good, so today we’re going to look at the top 10 reasons you might NOT want to move here.

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  1. I think hunting is ok – it's not something I would do myself – but humans have been doing it for about a million years . I know it's distasteful to many but it is a natural thing for us to do and as long as it's done correctly that's fine .

  2. I`m a big Steelers fan and have been to Pittsburgh 5 times (it would have been 7 if not for Covid) and I love the place. The people are almost the friendiest I have ever met, the City is so much fun (and a lot safer than where I live believe me)with so much to see and do and the food is to die for. And I don`t think the traffic is that bad to be honest.

  3. I went to Pennsylvania in the early eighties and I loved the place. I went there on a trip organised by the school I went to in London. One day we all had a walk through the woods and a frog jumped out of a pile of leaves and one of the teachers with us got scared to the point where he actually pee'd his pants a bit 🤣🤣

  4. Oh THAT Pennsylvania! 😳 There’s an area here in Exeter (Devon) called Pennsylvania. Not such a bad place to live. 🙂 I’ve always wondered which came first. Just looked it up and ours was named after yours by a Quaker banker, who had the first houses built here. Established 1821, so not long after your state. Of course us Brits tend to assume it was our place names that came first (Exeter dates from at least Roman Times) so this is quite interesting! 🙂

  5. Cynwyd looks like it has Welsh ancestry but I doubt if Pennsylvanians pronounce it as the Welsh would. There is a town/village in Somerset called Pennsylvania after William Penn.
    The only wild cat in the UK is the Scottish Wild Cat, looks like a very large domestic cat and there is a breeding programme for them as now an endangered species due to cross breeding with feral domestic cats. There are also programmes in place to reintroduce the Eurasian Lynx and Wolf to the Scottish Highlands, extinct for centuries due to hunting. The idea is that the now out of control Red Deer population can be controlled naturally in inaccessible places.

  6. I live in Pennsylvania and have always said that if you could eliminate the cesspool know as Philadelphia the rest of the State is quite Beautiful. You would need to eliminate Harrisburg as well. That would eliminate so much of the crime numbers in the state of PA.

  7. When I was little I thought that all pencils came from Pennsylvania, which reminds me of that great line from a Laurel & Hardy film when Stan says, "You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead."

  8. After reading the news today I expect to see 10 reasons not to move to Minneapolis sometime soon. No surprise on hunting as wasn’t The Deer Hunter set in Pennsylvania? Traffic awful try Hangar Lane at rush hour.

  9. Drove through the state to visit Gettysburg and DC when I visit America for th first time. Was blown away how beautiful the area was. The toll was ridiculously expensive though!

  10. Sorry to say, but pa is one of the top states in the nation in which the declaration of independence was signed in Philadelphia, which was the actual birth place of America, along with historical and cultural value during the colonial times

  11. I used to go to Pittsburgh once a year with work. I always found the attitude the same as in Birmingham in the Midlands a good blue collar attitude. Listening to the people there was just like Birmingham with an American accent. I could relate to them more than I could to Londoners here. I had a great time when I went there with my opposite numbers showing me real hospitality.

  12. the lack of Quakers. Whats happened to them ? William Penn would not be pleased .People looking at you weirdly for walking along the road from a store carrying a paper bag full of groceries rather. than taking a car home

  13. PENNSYLVANIA is a nice little village in South Gloucestershire, England that pre dates the US state. We also have a statue of William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania America in Millenium Square in Bristol and his father was Bristol born Admiral Sir William Penn who's celebrated with a coat of arms and crest in Bristol’s St Mary Redcliffe Church (Queen Elizabeth I called the it the 'Fairest church in England) Where he's buried.
    A good reason for visiting Pennsylvania England (and the only reason tbh) is for Marshfield Farm organice ice cream. Ben and Jerry can keep there's. Bristol and Bath are only 10 miles away so a good stop over point. I enjoy you're good humour Amanda. Keep it up.

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