Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is one of them.

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is one of them.
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  1. Nobody gives a hoot about the word Commonwealth and everyone calls it a State. You left out the worst part of the State, potholes.

  2. I grew up in Kunkletown and Brodheadsville PA. Went to school in Pleasant Valley. My love of football was because of this state. Every Friday night the town would shut down for the Highschool football games. I grew up playing with the neighborhood kids and we were always riding around, exploring woods, fishing the ponds and creeks. My father worked at Bethlehem steel and after it closed down we wound up moving to Connecticut… I know… what the hell!! Been 20 years but I can't wait to get out of the Cuckhold state.
    Anyway I loved PA. I still have those same friends from childhood to this day as often as I can see them (never often enough). One day maybe I'll make my way back there. The people are generally very warm and welcoming, at least from my prospective.

  3. Your right about the hunting one, in the countryside of PA when it’s hunting season it’s like a holiday

  4. 1. Pennsylvania is a Middle Atlantic State, not a New England state.
    2. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, are 3 of the 4 Commonwealth's of the USA.

  5. Born and raised in Philly trust me just don’t move to Philly if you value your life. The outskirts are fine though. Work in philly but don’t move there until it’s full gentrified. You been warned. Glad I moved out last year, too dangerous. It’s was great to grow up in the Philly and job wise it’s great but The filfth and murder rise is ridiculous.

  6. Where did you get this info. Many people get a day off for first day of hunting so don't knock it, and if you eat meat its more humane than slaughterhouses. Halloween is big here and always has been. We all it the state of PA so nobody cares if you call it a commonwealth. traffic is much better here than other big cities in the USA by far. Taxes are high, turnpike toll is highest in the world and the governor is a douche. Amish are great to have here, best workers you could hire and jellies and spices. you have no idea the benefits of having them near. Snow sucks but when its real bad they don't enforce the snow removal. I never heard of anyone getting a fine. Some can not remove snow due to health or age. You are a clueless man.

  7. Don't move to PA is so expensive here the cost of living is trying to catch up to NY and Boston. I live 5 mins outside Philly and although the skyline is pretty at night, the stiflingly humid summers and the crime and homeless its bad here, really sad. And then there is Kensington…..

  8. I was raised in PA. Instead of picking on the Amish, he could have mentioned the salted roads rust the hell out the vehicles. The only state with taxes higher than PA is Hawaii.

  9. I grew up near Philly until I was 21 and then lived down here in Georgia for 24 years. There are some nice things about Georgia (mild winters come to mind and DragonCon over Labor Day weekend), but there are a few bad things, too. The worst is the traffic. Public transportation in Atlanta is weak, and it's a must to have a car to get around the city and state. It's one of the reasons why the traffic in the Atlanta area is really bad. Come to Atlanta and drive north on 85 at 4 on a Friday or really anytime of the week (expect the weekends are kinda okay..kinda), or just google Atlanta traffic to listen to the afternoon traffic report to get a feel of how it is. You would think that with 6 lanes on each side of 85 that traffic would move steadily, but it doesn't especially when there is an accident. Then it's just a standstill. It's bad. That is one of the reasons why my hubby and I are moving to the Pittsburgh area soon, the traffic isn't as bad as you all think it is.

  10. Philadelphia like Seattle, Portland, NY City, Chicago, San Francisco and so on "YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR"

  11. Pennsylvania: Has Kinzua, Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Flight 93 Memorial, Pocono Mountains, beautiful views and scenery, Waldameer in Erie, PA (I bet I missed a lot)

    Briggs: This state sucks for these reason….

    Me: I live in PA and there are WAY more positive things in this state then negative

  12. WOW … THE most Corrupt… Territory in the world… And they celebrate… breaking people right. State that still thinks there in 1863

  13. I have in-laws in Philly and have visited often. They live in the city. So I am pretty familiar with it, but we are not planning to go back again. The crime is too dangerous. In past years when I visited it was very nice for a city and I enjoyed it. But it is the only placed where I got yelled at for having a Texas accent! I think it was an one-off event. I hope so.

  14. i live in philly, visiting la rn.
    from the first day i realized how much philly sucked compared to other places

  15. Honestly Pennsylvania is the. Best state i live here and my opinion as a Pennsylvanian cost of living and food is amazing and the culture is amazing like the amish and hunting is just PERFECT

  16. Philadelphia sucks they city of Brotherly love is filthy in some areas. All trashy and stuff. I would not want to live in Philly period. I am from South jersey the place I hate most, meanwhile, I am from NC originally. I can't wait to move to GA or NC.


  18. lets see you got crime from N.Y. N.J. and MS 13 and way more here Taxes are very high, winters can last seven months Drugs and crime everywhere, so yes nice place to live if you like Horror movies!

  19. Yup you can tell this dude ain't from Pennsylvania. How he pronounced lancaster. Its not lan-cas-ter its pronounced lane-kiss-ter. Oh and you DON’T need to be in a passing lane for you to be able to pass a buggy.

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