Top 10 reasons Honesdale, Pennsylvania is the BEST small town in America.

Top 10 reasons Honesdale, Pennsylvania is the BEST small town in America.
After 2 years of doing videos on location in the United States, I found the best small town in America. If the scenery doesn’t make you fall in love with Honesdale the people will.

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  1. I’m trying to get out of California and want to move somewhere where its quiet and have a horse and some parrots. And be around good wholesome people. I’m really liking this town. Look like a place where I can do some community volunteer work too. And the hospital is a plus at my age! 🤗🤗

  2. Great video. My family owns 100s of acres of land northwest of Honesdale (thousands of acres if you count extended family). Been in the family since the 1830s. I love that town. I grew up elsewhere but always came to visit the Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. I never thought about it as the best in the country, until now. Thanks! By the way, for golf fans: Honesdale is the hometown of Art Wall Jr. The 1959 Masters champion who was presented with the green jacket by the previous year's winner; Arnold Palmer.

  3. In 1847, my family settled in Honesdale from Germany. The men later applied for and obtained their American citizenship at the Wayne County Courthouse. For a number of years my great-grandfather was part owner of the tombstone making business there. The town is like a magnet to me, thus every so often a strange force will pull me back for a couple of days to again visit with my ancestors buried in the German Lutheran Cemetery. I really like Honesdale.

  4. I miss honesdale. I lived there for a couple years as a kid. Had my ONLY girlfriend ive had in my whole life of 40 years and now im in Florida. States filled with stuckup wanks. My mother died in honesdale hospital when i was 10 because of cancer. I miss it though dearly. Alot of good memories

  5. Hey briggs. Saw your video. Checked out honesdale. Loved it. It's beautiful, but it's the people that make it it special. Going to be closing on a house there in 4 weeks. Thanks ……bye bye CT

  6. I considered PA before retiring but after 65 years of Northeast Winters, I could not stand another Winter of battling snow. I picked an area in NC out of the snow area and except for the out-of-control Trumpies it's a decent place to retire to. No place that is affordable is perfect.

  7. 😂🤣😂 I thats the best small town in America you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows everyone the only thing about that place is some of the people, family and fishing the place is a trap and meth and drugs are taking over

  8. As a honesdale (well beach lake) native, I'm incredibly grateful for this video. COL has been going up and tourism has been going down. Wayne county PA is one of the most beautiful places in the US.

    Too add: come back for the wayne county fair. My uncle makes the best barbecue.

  9. I had the pleasure of working at Camp Towanda for a few years which is where Wet Hot American Summer was actually filmed, this town is an absolute gem and the people were so kind. I highly recommend the Wayne County Fair which takes place every August or stopping by some of the many great places to eat such as Paulies or Camp Umpys .

  10. My parents ran Lake Bryn Mawr Camp north of Honesdale from 1945 to 1972, so Honesdale is very much a part of who I am. There is definitely something special about the place and it starts with its amazing history. I still remember that the campers' trunks came by railroad up from New York and Philadelphia. I grew up on the West Side of Manhattan but a large part of who I am derives from Steve's Diner and the rest of that very special Main Street.

  11. I feel ya on the friendly people of Pennsylvania. I went there in '73 after the military and fell in love with the place. Being a California boy that thought the East was nothing but city slickers, it blew my mind. Some of my best friends and wife are from PA.

    I'll go back one day for sure.

  12. The couple neighborhoods I've lived in Vermont have had people similarly look out for each other, gifting garden goodies, mentioning predator sightings, even watching out for each others' pet when Spot manages to get the backdoor open by himself and dig a little hole under the fence like a teenager going out for drinks after mom and dad said no.

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