Top 10 best small towns in Pennsylvania. #1 is perfect for families.

Top 10 best small towns in Pennsylvania. #1 is perfect for families.

Pennsylvania is one of the greatest states in this country. With beautiful rivers, forests, and people. If you have never visited Pennsylvania I would encourage you to do so. You will thank me for it.

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  1. I live in Doylestown! Make sure stop by Nat’s pizza and central bucks west highschool to see P!nk’s highschool and favorite pizza place!

  2. It so happens that, I have no idea, what the * is the National Average.. so that data doesn´t help much.

  3. Lititz is also home to Linden Hall, the nation's oldest independent boarding and day school for girls in continuous operation in the U.S.


  5. I live in a small town in the middle of no where in pa and never heard anyone say Hershey was a small town I always thought it was a city

  6. Can you do Vandergrift it’s a bad place to live and I don’t ever see them on the worst towns!!’

  7. Sellersville, PA and Souderton, PA should be on this list. I recently ran a 5k race in Souderton and my hotel was in nearby Sellersville. Great experience and very friendly people. Loved it at both little towns 🙂

  8. There is this town called Bradford used to be okay but druggies are always around the older people who have money here basically ignore it pretend it's a still a good town it's a cop's paradise plenty of idiots too arrest they don't pay people much around here lots of fake phony people who pretend to give a crap

  9. Chocolate was my favorite food since 7 years old until I came to Hawaii and sine 2003 I ate faked chocolate and since then I scared of sweet

  10. Pa is a beautiful state spoiled by Pittsburg & Philthadelphia, which live off of the rest of the people in Pa.

  11. I am from Pennsylvania living in California but debating leaving now that things are so bad. I never heard of you’re number one on the list and I don’t know exactly how to spell it or is that what you’re saying. I like when you type it on the screen. I’ll figure it out though

  12. I was born in Bradford Pennsylvania.. I was raised and the little town of Custer City.. back in the late '60s and '70s it was really good at one time.. I am not sure now I have not been back there for many years.. someday I will get home.. right now I am stuck stranded in Arkansas..

  13. I live in Pennsylvania and my moms best friend lives in Gettysburg. Sometimes we go visit and it is probably the nicest town out of all of the towns in Pennsylvania.

  14. I would have put money down, that you would have made Honesdale your #1. You seem to LOVE that place! 🙂

  15. Saxonburg in Southern Butler county is a terrific town to live in! It was founded by John Roehbling. He designed the Brooklyn Bridge.

  16. Lmao I live in camphill and it fuckin sucks, and there’s more shit going in camphill on the crime side than people see/ know about, and let’s not talk about the school

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