The Washington D.C. Temple Renovation is Complete: Come and See

Have you ever wondered what the inside of the Washington D.C. Temple looks like? Now’s your chance. The iconic six-spired monument to millions, a landmark on the Capital Beltway for a half century, is now open to the public. The Washington D.C. Temple underwent a major renovation starting in 2018. Now you can view the beautiful rooms and learn about their functions.


  1. God's house is beautiful. It is lovely because it is unparalleled in its beauty and it is enduring because it is infinite in holiness but truly eternal on earth and in heaven. I am happy to have it because it is the sacred place to unite our family as an eternal family.

  2. I've seen the outside part when I visited my sister in-law, nieces, nephew and his boyfriend last November 2021 in Maryland. The chapel is just footsteps away. We didn't have the chance to attend the Sunday service. Now it's open again, surely will go inside and do some proxy for the dead.
    I love all Houses of the Lord.

  3. I just went visited it was absolutely beautiful! Really cool to finally see the inside after growing up in MD

  4. This was where my husband and I received our Blessings and were Sealed in 1978. The renovations are wonderfully done

  5. We visited Washington DC temple in 1988, on a visit from South Africa. The temple was beautiful then, and looks stunning now. A lasting memory of our visit, aside from the beauty of the temple and ceremony, was a comment one of the workers said to my wife. He said ‘I like your accent!’

  6. As a 14-year-old in McLean Ward, I and my family attended the original open house and sat in the Solemn Assembly room during the dedication in 1974. I remember the temple donation drives to collect around $4M as our temple districts ‘offering’. What a blessing to have returned to this area 35 years after we left and be able to participate in its second open house and rededication. This temple is special to me and my wife as both of us took out our endowments here and were sealed. No other temple matches this one in majesty.

  7. We had a framed picture of the DC temple above our mantle in the living room for over 35 yrs until my parents passed and we sold the house. My parents weren't even sealed and married there, lol. They were married in the salt lake temple. They just absolutely loved this temple's beauty, as well did I.

  8. Remarkable video. Could we just add that people of all faiths, as well as people who do not identify with any faith or religion, are welcome to come and visit this iconic temple?

  9. I received my blessings in this temple in 2001. It truly is unlike any other place on earth and while there my heart always felt softer, I always felt more inclined to God and I felt so much mercy and love. I live far away now and cannot attend the open house but what they have done with it is wonderfully beautiful.

  10. Such an amazing place that I am glad I can go through. When I joined in 1999 to do baptisms there, I knew I was where I had to be. At these iconic temples, I have received more answers through prayer.-Chad James

  11. I thought it was the land of “Oz” the first time I saw this place,…. it was also lit up with green lights even❗️😂

  12. The Original Architect, Keith W. Wilcox, envisioned this holy structure prior to its creation on paper. He and his beautiful wife Viva May Wilcox for ever changed my life while serving as my Mission President. Thank you 🙏 President & Sister Wilcox.

  13. On September 12, 2001, I entered this temple for an endowment session. The day before, I was wearing my military uniform and we still felt like our nation was under attack. I had planned to go to the Pentagon on 9/11, but changed my mind that day. One in my chain of command was killed when the Pentagon was struck, and the local fire department I had worked with responded there. Not long afterward, I would be doing research at Ground Zero, staying in Manhattan with my family. But on 9/12/2001, as I entered the Washington D.C. Temple and saw that magnificent mural–with the toppling towers and smoke with those in despair and confusion in the foreground, and with the Savior standing near the Washington D.C. Temple painted on the other side and those to His right gazing upon him in adoration–I was amazed because that painting appeared to represent the moment in time we were experiencing! It appeared to have just been painted! As we prayed in the temple that day, I knew I was standing in a holy place (see D&C 45:32). I have many wonderful memories of this temple–and wish we could be there for the open house! <3

  14. There's still not much future for mankind if we keep blowing money on this type of projects. I'm a student of architecture but in this day and age we need to be more practical with our money and finances there are issues at Bay that need to be dealt with that are affecting people we don't need no more grandioso architecture projects this is not the Middle ages.

  15. Is there an actual sanctuary/ church or just individual rooms with specific purposes such as the Mikva/ baptismal pool?

  16. I fondly remember my morning commute to work, driving past the 'Surrender Dorothy' sign, painted on an interstate overpass just ahead of the temple.

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