The Equalizer 2: Opening Train Fight Scene (DENZEL WASHINGTON HD CLIP)

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) confronts a man who has kidnapped his daughter.
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Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed – but how far will he go when it is someone he loves?


  1. Denzel Washington is a top notch actor you know what you are going to get everytime you watch his movies dude nails whichever role he lands to a t perfection personified

  2. The Turkish man said " şşşt. Adama su ver. Hadi hadi !" This mean that give him Water. Let's go Let's go ! . Typical Turkish talking. I know it because I am from Turkey too 🙂 But I don't like a man who kidnappes his daughter from his ex American wife … But I have to say that there are many bad People in my country too

  3. The first one was out of sight the second one seemed a little rushed and all over the place I still dig it though I watched it but I definitely enjoyed the first one much better Denzel Washington is a great actor

  4. I don't understand how they had one of the most intimidating/best villains in the first instalment and in this one was just a regular clown who thinks he's some gangster

  5. Since first seeing, Glory and really the scene where Private Trip is getting whipped, that tore me up so much.
    That is my biggest memory.
    Denzel Washington has been and is IMO the best actor that there is.

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