1. I have never wanted to visit Pennsylvania for any reason. Well, maybe the Civil War Battlefields, but this song brings Pennsylvania into a good light! m/

  2. Reading, PA born n bred. The mindfuck of upbringings. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

  3. My job took me to Latrobe, Derry and Greensburg 15 times in 7 years.
    West PA is beautiful….some nice folks…
    Strange, though.
    Never saw an an immigrant running a motel or convenience store.
    Locals often told me some stop signs “don’t count”.
    And I got knocked out of one motel reservation by the Steelers summer camp.
    And I live next door to Alabama…and I got some of that.
    Btw, driving in Pittsburg requires more horsepower than most megapolis’s….

  4. How ironic they say "Munsoned" @ 0:36 because last year 3 dudes were arrested for fucking farm animals in a Pennsylvania town called "Munson"

  5. I left Florida in 2008 and came back in 2017 and all of a sudden Wawa's are fucking everywhere, it's like the goddamn clapp. (And I'm so glad we caught it 😅)

  6. The irony of this song is that years later, we have Wawa’s all over Florida now so everyone knows what a Wawa is

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