The BEST Suburbs To Live In Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

People are relocating to the Philadelphia area from all over the county! Unfortunately, the areas outside of the city aren’t as well known as inside the city. This is what this video is all about…the suburbs outside of the city.
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  1. He forgot about Cheltenham but Philadelphia has it's county line suburban areas like Manayunk, Overbrook, and, Mount Airy.

  2. As someone who lived in Philly for 20 years and now lives in the burbs, its pretty clear that you gleaned this from the internet. Not that thats a bad thing, but if I were looking to move to Philly this list would only serve as a basic starting point at best.

  3. Born and raised outside of Philly, moved to Nashville in 2018. Best decision I’ve ever made. Philly area is overpriced and the city is a slam. Be careful

  4. This was a fairly good review, the only critique I have is the school rankings!!! I live in Northern va and this area has the very best public schools on the planet I use to live in pa and the biggest issue is the poor school systems

  5. This is the first vid I have see from you, but it seems very nice. I am very thankful for the info you've provided. I suggest you try to make some closing remarks. These could be anything from your personally opinion on the places or where you'd consider living and why. Or you can just give a thanks for watching and goodbye. It just felt like the video ended kinda abruptly. I know it's a video 7 months old. But hope this suggestions help. Thanks for the content

  6. I grew up in bala Cynwyd. Lower merion and the main line is typically thought of as where the richest people live. However, there are plenty of suburbs that are just as nice but they typically are farther away from the city. Lower merion, radnor, Wayne media etc is much closer to the city then other wealthy neighborhoods. Outside of chestnut hill and jenkintown, ambler and fort Washington.
    Bucks county is gorgeous but it’s too far from the city for me.

  7. I lived in Ardmore, Penna. I loved it. My daughter was born in the Byrn Mawr, and my sister lived in Media. The suburbs have some of the Best places to shop. The Suburban Square was two (2) blocks from my house. I miss the living down there.

  8. Peddler's Village is in Lahaska Pennsylvania. New Hope is 10 to 15 minutes away by car by the Delaware River on the other side of Lambertville New Jersey you can take a car or you can walk across we also have the Bucks County Playhouse in Newhope but Peddler's Village is in Lahaska Pennsylvania you're really poor at what you do

  9. what are you a moron? I have lived in Levittown/Philadelphia for over 40 years and NO ONE HAS EVER CALLED CONSHOHOCKEN "CONSHE" BRO!!! WTF are you talkin about?!

  10. thank you for this video. i will be relocating to outside of philly (have family moving to philly in a couple weeks near the Wissahickon) and I'm searching for a bit of a quieter place/more nature-y feel. im currently living in a rural area and id be willing to sacrifice distance to my family for a more suburban type feel. ive been searching and searching for hours on end. spending days on this and its tough. i also look to neighborhood scout and trulia re: crime and safety. it seems hit or miss with many towns – not necessarily the places you've mentioned. do you know anything about horsham, hatfield, havertown,
    or bristol? thanks! im looking for rent and its been extremely difficult trying to find a reasonable price point

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