The 10 Worst Cities In Washington Explained

These are the places in Washington that you don’t want to live in.


  1. Downtown Puyallup is nice, But there's a lot of homeless people :/ The homeless people pee on like all the trees

  2. But I'm so glad there is not Walla Walla. I used to live there I think it's like the 12 it's like number 12 on the list it's not it's not so bad but it still has some crime people use drugs and a lot of homeles. What I wouldn't say it's the worst it's totally number 13 or 12 if there was a 13 or 12 on the list. But other than that I was born there and I really think thank it's not so bad 5 known it's known that entire town for so long. If you decide to move there I think you'd love it it's very small though. But yeah that's just the thing is I don't know I'm really dumb I think it may be I don't know but I'm so glad it is not on that list. Or I'd be like am I seriously living in a place that has to be on a number 10 the top 10 list. But that's just dumb. Good thing it wasn't. I doubt you won't like it. Really good place in our recommend moving there. But I don't even Phoenix Arizona I don't need to go back. Still will visit my friends and family.

  3. Tacoma is great it should not have been in the number 1 spot I have lived in Tacoma for 10 years and theres no crime (also the schools are average but no bad at all)

  4. You missed Lacey and Olympia for the booming homeless population, needles in the parks, and police officers who refuse to answer 911 calls because they're butt hurt over the "defund the police" movement in which funds for ammunition and other forms of heavy artillery would go to hiring counselors to negotiate situations instead. I've actually been hung up on by the 911 operators here 4 times. Once, I actually almost died because my appendix had burst and I couldn't get an ambulance for hours. Then another 13 and a half hours in the ER waiting froom at St. Peter's hospital while they kept telling me I just had gas and that I needed to leave. I didn't get help until I started to go septic and barfed, then passed out at the feet of one of the triage nurses.

  5. I have always lived in eastern Washington, and I always thought it was bad, but now that I see western, it just looks like a mess.

  6. This was in my recommended and saw that aberdeen was on here, all I could think of was that people who know the area sometimes called it crackerdeen.

  7. Lol I went a vacation to long view for a family get together a few weeks ago and it’s pretty bad yea, but I could be much worse. Me and my dad felt safe and even if there were bullet holes in the hotel windows, at least they had a Sharrys:)

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