The Keystone state — key to America’s independence. Check out the history and culture of Pennsylvania, where many German-speaking immigrants settled, with Christopher Hoh. #50states #PA Transcript: Hello, my name is Christopher Hoh. I work in the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, and I was born and brought up in the “the Keystone State.” Pennsylvania was… Continue reading Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Travel Tour 4K

This is a virtual travel tour from around Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I walk around the Liberty Bell, the downtown area, then finish along the Delaware River where they have a light up park with hammocks and music. Overall I think Philadelphia is a great American city. The best time to visit Philadelphia is late spring or… Continue reading Philadelphia Pennsylvania Travel Tour 4K

Unboxing PENNSYLVANIA. What's GOOD and BAD About Living in PENNSYLVANIA?

What’s it like living in Pennsylvania? Well, you’ve got many different regions of the state, including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and central PA, which is mostly farms and country. In addition, you have a distinct culinary cuisine, the battle between Wawa and Sheetz, and the fact that many people here don’t like living here. But they… Continue reading Unboxing PENNSYLVANIA. What's GOOD and BAD About Living in PENNSYLVANIA?

101 Facts About Pennsylvania

Hello again motherfactors! Today we’re headed back to the good old U.S of A, and taking a look at one of the most historically important places in America. So let’s stop by Philly, Pittsburgh, and see the Liberty Bell and our pals over in Scranton! Yep, this is 101 About Pennsylvania! ► Subscribe to 101… Continue reading 101 Facts About Pennsylvania