Who Are THE AMISH? (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: ► INSTAGRAM? Join me @drewbinsky! WHO ARE THE AMISH PEOPLE OF AMERICA? One thing I love about the USA is the diversity. You can pretty much find people from all cultures, religions, traditions and walks of life inside of this country of 327 million people. One of the most… Continue reading Who Are THE AMISH? (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

101 Facts About Pennsylvania

Hello again motherfactors! Today we’re headed back to the good old U.S of A, and taking a look at one of the most historically important places in America. So let’s stop by Philly, Pittsburgh, and see the Liberty Bell and our pals over in Scranton! Yep, this is 101 About Pennsylvania! ► Subscribe to 101… Continue reading 101 Facts About Pennsylvania

The 10 Best Places To Live In Pennsylvania – Job, Retire, & Family

Pennsylvania, a northeastern U.S. state and one of the 13 original colonies, has a diverse terrain, which includes wide stretches of farmland, national forests, and mountains. Philadelphia, the Keystone State’s largest city, displays its rich history in Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, an enduring symbol of American freedom. Pennsylvania is downright beautiful. It is… Continue reading The 10 Best Places To Live In Pennsylvania – Job, Retire, & Family