Explore! Songbirds in Pennsylvania

What’s that sound? Songbirds are often heard before they are seen. PA is home to a wide variety of songbirds and many of them spend most or all of their lives in or around our yards. Chickadees, sparrows and blue jays are just a few of the songbirds that remain during all 4 seasons in… Continue reading Explore! Songbirds in Pennsylvania

Washington D.C. Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Washington D.C. – Take in the many splendors of the nation’s capital. Explore the city with us and start planning a journey of your own! When ready, browse vacation packages to Washington: Your #Washington, D.C. #vacation should start at the National Mall, where you’ll find monuments, memorials, and government buildings instead of tons of shopping.… Continue reading Washington D.C. Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia