String of suicides on aircraft carrier USS George Washington raise concerns about toxic environment

NBC’s Kate Snow joins Shep Smith to report on a string of suicides that occurred on the same U.S. Navy ship, the USS George Washington. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. Karma is hitting America so hard in every level. 🤔I wonder why.. is it because maybe they committed mass genocide around the world. 🤔as far as I know if human committed bad deed some how in later life something is gonna happen.

  2. You sign-up to be a electronic weapons specialist AND sign a contract, but you end up painting bulkheads, not gaining experience for your CV. All military contracts state, "By the needs of the (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc…)." So once you sign a contract, you give up most of your rights. I know, but I was an 11-Bravo in the Army, so I did all kinds of BS labor.

  3. I'm 60 years old, I think the problem is called ( to soft) today's generations complane more, are woke, the list goes on.

  4. It's all about a LACK OF DECKPLATE LEADERSHIP!!! As a retired HMCS of 23 years and who continues to work with Sailors as a Substance Abuse Counselor, I see it daily. I see fellow Chiefs of mine who don't even know their Sailors families, where their Sailors wives work, issues at home etc. etc!!!! Chiefs and Officer's are too busy on their own cell phones and dealing with their own day to day instead of leading and mentoring Sailors!!! So sad!!!

  5. Meanwhile they sending billions in aid to Ukraine when the funds can go to programs and housing right here 🙄

  6. OMG.. I lived on a Carrier for almost 3 and a half years 94 to 98. 2 minor yard cycles and a major refit . Underway I had more cold showeers than hot. It is shipboard life. It isnt a CRUISE to the Bahamas. It isnt easy. It is hard work. The needs of the Navy come before your needs. The benifits need to be earned,. VA loan for housing was a godsend for me. VA education after the Navy is a huge benefit. Thank goodness there isnt a war on… you are supposed to be war fighters…. act like it. Made me embarrassed to say I was in the Navy on the Theodore Roosevelt … when the Captain said We cant deal with the COVID situation on the ship. They should have set up triage in the Hangar Bay and isolated the bad cases in sickbay. Young Military people are some of the most fit people in our society…. they were low risk. Nevermind the sailors that said they didnt want a vaccine…. I could go on and on. I agree with the Masterchief. Its time to act like a warfighter.

  7. Why though. No one could force them to stay No matter what's reason to take your life for that something kinda fishy..take your life Cus your job sucks..something else going on..

  8. This os a result of crappy parenting. The coddling, and hovering has created adults that can’t handle life, everything is so traumatic to these kids

  9. Leadership needs let go and fire bring someone in is there for sailor's let them have time off …15 hours on a ship to fix it make people go nuts

  10. BACKSTORY! 20 YEARS, 6 SHIPS, 2 CARRIERS, and her "FAMILY" comment. This woman, US Rep. Elaine Luria, is why women in the military should not be electeds. Any reasonable person that understands contractors and the military understands iron workers, biker gangs, tatoos, drinking and drugs – and a command climate and leadership of both men and women that change into suits and uniforms just like their electeds. This elected official is an official cover-up with no conscience! Dig into the story media! The young sailors were cleaning up after the older creeps of men and women on the ship. Those young sailors that just left high school and boot camp were and probably will continue to be tortured in my opinion. Dig into the story media! (Call in Pandora Papers, Fat Leonard, MilitaryTimes, NavyTimes, and Task & Purpose resources if necessary.)

  11. The whole upper command needs relieving of command from the co down to their div officers.

  12. PLEASE, all young people need to research where they will be stationed before MEPS. The USS George Washington and "Fat Leonard," etc. issues are not limited to the US Navy. The NavyTimes, MilitaryTimes and Task & Purpose are a great resources. The media needs to not let loose of this command climate and leadership ONGOING PROBLEM! A WWII US Navy Veteran's daughter and a person that served. Semper Fortis to all the young sailors that serve and have served with honor! 👩‍🦰😷♟⚓☕🍩

  13. Every sailor lost at sea we understand lost in action we dearly understand it's pure evil for an army or navy to loose its own through suicide.its sad working in an American navy or military your security has no guarantee.

  14. why are we seeing americans and indians troops killing themselves ???
    while the chinese troops having hot pots and high class facilities enjoying themselves

  15. I was on the Saratoga and forestall 12 on and 12 off you slept, with aircraft taken off,and landing and they're crying about a jackhammer , Our military is getting weak, That's the problem with today's society ,don't tell them this or that, don't upset them,,

  16. that enlisted personnel on ships & carriers are treated like dirt is not a secret among military circles. as with anything else, may the buyer beware

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