Stock Market Highs Owe A Lot To Washington, Says Steve Rattner | MSNBC

The U.S. stock market has been hitting new highs with regularity, in no small part because of the federal government, according to Steve Rattner.

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Stock Market Highs Owe A Lot To Washington, Says Steve Rattner | MSNBC


  1. Your stock picks so far are doing well, but can you make a video where you trade and grow a portfolio? I came by an investor that made a profit of $400k within a few months from $150,000 and I'd love to learn how I could achieve such profit level

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  3. The first half of the year have been tough and mostly influenced and manipulated by the fear of missing out "FOMO" pushing most investors to dumping of assets, with many achievements not met yet.The race to financial freedom, sustainability and flexibility begins right now.

  4. Wow, the timing of propaganda spin is everything.  MSNBC talks up the market and government on Monday.  Tuesday morning sucks.  ha ha  Keeps your politics out of money!!

  5. One of the very nice things about investing in the stock market is that you learn about all different aspects of the economy. Having money invested in stocks is probably one of the most financially wise decision anyone should make, the importance of getting a skilled entity which will serve as a guidance to trading fundamentals is being overlooked by many and that is a major reason why investors lose money.

  6. As if company profits, and stockholder return had anything in the slightest to do with the overall state of the economy. If I can make $3 billion a year for my company with 3 employees instead of 300,000, I will lay off 299,997, won't I, according to the current philosophy of American business? Is that good overall for the economic health of the nation, especially when I don't have to pay for the benefits my former employees will get from the government, that all being covered by government borrowing, until the Chinese government calculates that it is has more to gain by turning the screws on the US government than by selling t-shirts and sneakers to American consumers.

  7. am from Spain, my friend in Texas referred me to this channel you make a lot of sense but I do not understand anything until she referred me to a financial counselor in USA that help me to craft my portfolio and over a year we have been working together making consistent profit enough to get me a new apartment and care for parents.

  8. The white part is the greatest depression we've ever been in, but that doesn't matter when the government gives trillions to the wealthy. Weird take joes.

  9. Where are the trump supporters who were so loud and proud during trump admin when stock markets were high? They’re silent now…

  10. So they still don't understand why people don't want to return to work for slave wages in the middle of a deadly pandemic?

  11. Why don't you guys cover the fast growing chasm of wealth inequality as aggressively as you cover corona?

    I know you're rooting for both to go on forever.

  12. Isn't this a really obvious case of supply and demand? If you can't hire people for the amount you're offering… the market is telling you to raise your offer.

    "Why don't people want to work for slave wages they can't live on?!"

    Gee, I don't know.

  13. maskoffweb, just made a hacked transfer of 10,000 thousand direct to my PayPal account through their hacked transfer network

  14. maskoffweb just made a hacked transfer of 10,000 thousand direct to my PayPal account through their hacked transfer network

  15. stock buy-backs cause the market to go up, concentrate wealth to the rich and do nothing to ensure future productivity. It is a further theft from the poor.

  16. Shut up and let your guests speak! You consistently interrupt people. This is why I don't like your show.

  17. No one wants to work for $9 an hour! You guys sound dumb asking why no one wants these low paying jobs. You go work there! Try and make the bills work!

  18. Generally essential workers are not paid a legal amount of money for their time. They are looking for a way to get the legal minimum wage act as a locally relevant amount of money. One half the cost of living is not a living effort. Fifteen dollars an hour is one half the poverty line for one person in California and New York. This fact is waiting for a solution. People do not want to subsidize illegal wages with their husbands income or their parents income and they they should not enable them with a false sense of pride. The unions should make the minimum wage act their focus because they don't know what they are worth without an understanding of the poverty line for one person locally. !!!!!

  19. Woo hoo the stock market has gone from 10000 to 35000 during a prolonged recession. 1995 to the present. An economic condition unresponsive to stimulus loans and checks. Minimum wage act didn't help??

  20. US Covid deaths 626,872 New Zealand 26. US has 24,110 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.

    11 months since New Zealand's last Covid death, watching American media is like stepping back in time.

    America: Stop looking in the mirror for answers and start following countries that lead the world in pandemic management.

  21. If you pay them they will work….remember all the bragging these companies have done when speaking of their profits….now they want to claim they can't afford to pay a living wage and dems aren't willing to mandate a real wage…..

  22. cannot be true the market is going up …drumptf said it was all about him for records gains….and if he wasn't there it would all collapse…..must have been another lie …..130,947….and counting….

  23. People not wanting to work is an old and false story. If there are good well-paid jobs people shall take them. But if you ask them to be slaves some do not want that. Or if you have a high diploma and your only job offer is a 5 dollars an hour job then say no!

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