Still Millions Of Votes To Be Counted In Pennsylvania | TODAY

There’s a very good chance that the election could come down to what’s happening in Pennsylvania, where there are still millions of votes to be counted. Gov. Tom Wolf called for patience. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY from Philadelphia.
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Still Millions Of Votes To Be Counted In Pennsylvania | TODAY


  1. The democrat run voting places would not let me vote. Im a born citizen with an Id. Also Im a registered voter. I hope they cheating gets a fair recount.

  2. Someone had to work with voting machine hackers to shut them down in the early morning in order to corrupt the.Who?

  3. 76 million people voted for a Democratic President but for a Republican Congress? Does not make sense. At all. Unless if you’re actively cheating and realize it’s easier to change the vote for President instead of the whole darn ticket to Democrat.

  4. after all that long thing almost all your early votes are going to be Democrats but somehow they come up with 600,000 votes at 4:00 in the morning

  5. Watch Corey Lewandowski investigation concrete proof evidence. Democrats sign in the dead for votes!!

    Dearest Lord protect our country and keep us all safe and shield from all evil.

  6. Only acceptable solution to this rigging is cancellation of the vote in michigan, pennsyilvania and other reported states. This is only way to bring peace between the two parties supporters.

  7. Can we get a time lapse video of the official vote count in Pennsylvania to see how Trump goes from 600k up to losing in a matter of hours

  8. That's not normal Biden is receiving a lot of votes and the others candidates 0 votes? The same happened in Michigan 🙄

  9. If biden wins the left should be ashamed of how corrupt they have to become. This country should be ashamed of themselves for letting such corruption become so prominent.

  10. Pennsylvania's Republican controlled legislature didn't allow absentee ballots (about 2.5 million according to Politico) to be counted until election day. Democrats generally take the coronavirus epidemic more seriously, so a disportionately large number of Republicans voted in person, and a disportionately large number of absentee ballots came from Democrats. There's been a shortage of poll workers this year because of COVID-19, and during election day, poll workers had to start counting both in-person and absentee ballots at the same time. The counties that are still counting are generally the ones containing large population centers like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

  11. Election interference is PRISON TIME. Cheating is not worth it. Both parties want a fair election. Votes for all people needs to be honored. For undecided States, Demand anninvestigation of those late ballots, call your Secretary Of State
    Michigan 888-767-6424
    Pennsylvania 717-787-5280
    Wisconsin 608-266-8888
    North Carolina 919-814-5400
    Georgia 470-240-5060
    Arizona 602-542-4285

  12. Apparently Pennsylvania let mail in ballots sit longer than most states and is why they are taking so long. If it takes legitimate time so be it, but they should have been being counted as they came in.
    Having to wait because of that ineptitude is just mind numbing.

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  14. How did the last 1 million votes have a 7.5 : 2.5 ratio for Biden???? That is some crazy ratio when you're trailing by half a million votes? Sorry but this needs serious investigation.

  15. How did 1 million become millions? In Arizona 75% of the votes were counted when Biden was declared the winner. In pennslyvania over 75% have been counted but trump is not declared the winner…??

  16. 2.5M – 1.1M = 1.4M
    Biden needs to make up a gap of ~619,000 votes.
    What percentage of the mail-in ballots have to be for Biden in order for him to win?

    1.4M – 619,000 = 791,000
    He'll need 100% of 619,000 ballots plus at least 50% of the remaining 791,000.
    50% of 791,000 = 395,500
    619,000 + 395,000 = 1,014,000
    1,014,000 / 1,400,000 = 72.4%
    He'll need at least 72.4% of the 1.4M uncounted ballots in order to win. That percentage is comparable to the percentages of mail-in ballots for Biden in some other states. So it's do-able, but by no means certain.

    1,014,000 votes for Biden. (72.4%)
    1.4M – 1,014,000 = 386,000 votes for Trump. (27.6%)
    1.014,000 + 386,000 = 1.4M

    If I've done something wrong, I would be grateful to anyone for correcting me.

  17. Did the declared states have mail in ballot s and absentee voters? Mail in ballot started from the month of September 2020. Voting can't be allowed till 4.00 in the morning after its closed

  18. Well, Trump, when you pulled strings somehow to get your buddy Dejoy the U.S postmaster position, and he removed high volume mail sorting machines across the country, you thought that would work. Obviously, it's not going to. They're going to count ALL THE BALLOTS, even though you tried to bury them in the high volume at the post office.

  19. How is it that the USA is close to 50% votes but California is the only state with 2/3 for Biden? Must be a lot of illegals voting there.

  20. Funny how Texas is the biggest state and has their votes in but the smallest states still has millions of votes to go…lmaoooo

  21. “They went home to rest “ how small is this place counting . They should have shifts of people counting 24 hours a day. It has stopped because it is being rigged !

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