SOUSA The Washington Post – "The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band

“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band recorded John Philip Sousa’s march “The Washington Post” on March, 3, 2009, in the John Philip Sousa Band Hall at Marine Barracks Annex in Washington, D.C. This video was recorded for the National Museum of the Marine Corps gallery titled “A Global Expeditionary Force 1866-1916,” where visitors will find an interactive Marine Band exhibit.


  1. I loved this piece when I played it in my high school Marching Band. I also remember hearing it as background music on Captain Kangaroo when I was a little kid, but I didn't know what it was until I learned about it in the high school band.

  2. Hi, Sir. I would like to ask permission to use some portions of your video for our organizational event. Rest assured that we will give proper credits. We can also send you an email letter regarding this said event. Let me know where to send it. Thank you.

  3. Played it hundreds of times in the symphony orchestras over the decades, never tire of it. Sousa’s genius!

  4. When I was in school and played the trombone, I loved marches. It's one of the few types of music where the trombones get to really wail.

  5. We were introduced as children in kindergarten as an accompaniment to musical chairs, but when ever I hear his marches I'm put in mind of a summer Sunday concert in the park with the music resounding from an open pavilion with Sousa conducting, or someone very like him.

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