1. Apparently there is a lot of street cred to be gained by doing something very bad, in certain demographics. So when you see gatherings like this, I believe there is a heightened temptation to do something that grabs attention or something that can be bragged about later. There is also the element of anonymity when there are large crowds. Couple that with a handful of people who grew up angry and fatherless and who also failed to make it as a Rap star, or a pro Basketball player and you have the perfect recipe for mass violence.

  2. Blk on blk crimes is the best crimes because you won't have any "protest" aka burning of business/buildings your get nothing but SILENCE what they say SILENCE IS VIOLENCE LOLOLOLOLOL NO JUSTICE NO PEACE LMAO

  3. Thoughts and prayers to the family of the killed teen. Hope whoever was hit, recover quickly.

    But shootings in the US are so common now that it’s not at all surprising and not even breaking news. Until people don’t move away from their thinking that a gun is more important than a child, this I’m afraid will always continue.

    People are so hung up on their 2nd amendment that it’s ridiculous….

  4. Washington Examiner 6-21-2022;  Washington D.C., has been ranked the worst-run city in America based on its financial stability, education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. Number two and three, San Francisco and New York City.

  5. Honestly what did you think was going to happen at these events? There is a problem in this country and IT IS NOT GUNS! There is a cultural problem of violence, lack of respect for others and disrespect for law enforcement. Keep voting Democrat it seems to be working so well for big cities you f*king sheep.

  6. Good job America… world is laughing at you.. civilians being shot in public… in such atmosphere, how can someone expect safety… but condolences to those who became innocent victims… if u can eliminate a terrorist like Laden, why u can't eliminate gun violence

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