1. Before you point the finger make sure your hands are clean..this could happen to anyone of you or your child..Capitalism in the United States has failed.this shit didn't happen to them overnight

  2. And ur politicians are busy on fighting for women right in Countries which are millions of miles away from you!! While millions of ppl are forgotten and lost in USA! Very Sad

  3. dia kena dadah faizal akan keluar kan pada badan dia dadah selama 3. bulan faizal bantu rakyat kamu bagi faizal satu tempat nak pulah kan meraka itu meraka bolah mascam orang ok bolah sama keluarga meraka / Malaysia

  4. Life is certainly hard and, sometimes, we make it harder for ourselves and others by our choices. These poor souls passed out on public streets surely can use some help from governing bodies. HELP THEM!

  5. Stop the drug dealers, stop the drugs coming into this country… Execute the drug dealers. You want to save these people? Or just talk about it….

  6. I just can't get over it that this is allowed for everyone to see. What are the cops doing about this? It's not allowed in the city and if NYC doesn't allow it then why does philly? Looks like someone is getting paid to look the other way. My opinion only

  7. It's heartbreaking to see so many young people in this situation.
    I'm old enough to be Grandmother to most of them. That's really the hard part of this knowing many of them will not make it to be Grandparents. SAD SAD😭😭🙏. Lord have mercy on these people🙏

  8. I keep thinking of the movie and Broadway play RENT every time I see these Kensington videos. The homeless woman says, “ my life is not for you to make a name for yourself honey. This is not that kind of movie. Everybody is an artist…. Hey! Artist! You got a dollar. Didn’t think so….”
    Do SOME, not all, of these people on YouTube make these videos because they care? I don’t see anybody helping them. Or are they doing it for the shock value? To get likes and comments? I live down there. So many people record these people but they do nothing to help them. Blanket, water, soap, food, information for help….. I live here and see it daily.

  9. So what's going to happen is current residents are going to move out and then bam…gentrification.. Thats when all those folks are going to be removed.

  10. Its seem like America now going to be Zombie land,they look just like a zombie that were shown on the movie/tv…

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